Hidden Game Mechanics in Death Stranding: Black BB

Secret game mechanics hidden in game Death Stranding are revealed in this video. Hideo Kojima games usually contain hidden mechanics that require experimentation to find out. They are triggered in certain situations and video shows these hidden game mechanics:
You can talk to other players through their built structures using Sam’s shouts.
Grab a MUILE’s cargo and put it on Sam’s back before they fall after you fight them.
Know how to vertical climb ropes without walls for feet support.
Find out the correct way to throw a climbing anchor after you have climbed to the top so other players can use them.
Playing harmonica is an easy way to get likes from BB.
Learn how to use a strand to take down an enemy (MULE), which is similar to CQC moves.
Learn how to find memory chips and how to unlock background on development of Death Stranding (Low Roar for example).
Grow mushrooms so that water bears (cryptobiotes) are freely generated for eating.
When Sam enters repatriate mode and comes back, he will throw up water bears which you can quickly grab.
Learn how to create craters anywhere monster BT shows up.
Sam will tell you when he needs to take a shower.
Find out how to spray on yourself and your carried cargo by turning the repair spray on Sam.
Learn how to 3D manipulate the map so you can find tall rocks and then hide behind them to avoid monster BT attacks.
Throw hematic grenade at the ground to get goo people to release their grabs on Sam,
Skip any animation or cutscenes n by pressing Options and then selecting Skip in the menu.
Drink 3 Monster Energy drinks to get 25% energy boost.
Trigger the appearance of Black BB by searching for your soul in the Seam (repatriate mode) and entering the mouth.
These hidden game mechanics and more are shown for the PS4 Pro version of Death Stranding. This is first video of hidden game mechanics. For second hidden game mechanics video:

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  1. 15 hidden game mechanics for game Death Stranding.
    This is part 1. Part 2 is here:
    Hidden button moves are here:

  2. "hidden"

  3. Thanks for your videos. Sometimes your advises are extremely obvious, either are very useful. Interesting to watch every video anyway.

  4. Water bears??

  5. This player is savage for keeping his BB in the red + for having boots with 99% damage the whole time.

  6. 0:53

  7. Why does he call them water bears aren’t they called cryptobiotes ?

  8. I never used #12 its really cool i will use it now more often thanks

  9. Sam: I’m Sam!
    ???: Hey Im Sam 2!


  11. Dislike for Lou crying.

  12. Anybody test out what happens if you get grabbed by a BT if your feet are bloody? Do they react at all, can it be used as a hidden defense ?

  13. I like how you asked us to like the video ONLY if we didn’t know about the information you covered. And only thing I didn’t know about was #1 the black bb, so ima like

  14. None of these are secret though. Maybe the black BB one, but that's it. Some aren't even mechanics

  15. You can also get black bb when a void out happens when you leave a body

  16. So I've made two craters now. Not by choice. And they don't keep BTs away. What's the point? To show off my failures?

    Side Note. You can have zip lines go over them.

  17. How can i unlock the armonica?
    I don't know how to do that.
    Anyway good video, well done

  18. Wtf is a water bear… cryptobiote?

  19. if a BT detects you and starts projecting hands towards you, you can pee in its direction and it will go away. try it!

  20. Where on the map is the memory chip from #10?

  21. All this time I thought everybody responding to Sam calling out to them was other players in their own respective games who happen to be nearby. But it was just their structures lol.

  22. Lol i came across #3 on my own when i hit my first goo graber pit. Was like TAKE A NADE BITCH

  23. You can make the grabbers go away by peeing on them.
    I learned that when they dropped my packages in tar pit while i didn't have weapons on me. I managed to get out of the pit and turned around and took a piss on them out of frustration and i was surprised that they disappeared i was able to get my stuff back.

  24. How are any of these "hidden" mechanics? the game explains pretty much all of this

  25. Um, why the H-E double hockey sticks should I bother talking with other players? Could you explain that instead of just saying it?

  26. Water bears… cryptobiotes

  27. You can also jump across gaps and catch ropes mid-air, I only did once while I was running from enemies. I was near the distribution center in the second area. I was getting chased by MULES and had a speed kit, I did a super jump across a huge gap and almost didnt make it, until sam grabbed the rope like something out of an action movie mid air, it was actually pretty dope in the heat of the moment!

  28. As soon as i see the edepot clickbait icon I have to hit thumbs down.

  29. …did you put that rope there? I climbed all the way to the top and wasnt able to get off without falling

  30. When you trip and succefully rebalance bb with laugh at you and give you likes, if you equip the speed skeleton and land a successful jump you will also get likes from bb.

  31. #3 – also, peeing on the ground works

  32. Something I noticed about memory chips is that there's one at basically every MULE camp. If you knock em all out and go into the main tent it's usually on a desk and is marked with an icon if you use the scanner

  33. The fact that you keep letting Lou scream angers my paternal side…

  34. 2:20 anyone who's beat the game, k ows that tune, I won't say it, just because alot of you haven't.

  35. where the hell did you get harmonica???

  36. What happens if we get a black bt?

  37. Убийца бабочек😁😂😃

  38. “Creating a crater”

    Nah man you died and made the map inaccessible there.

  39. If you pee on the BT’s, they move away from you

  40. Where's my BB

  41. Pissing on BTs…

  42. Single dad simulator

  43. Um, water bears?

  44. I think the memory chips are really awesome. Feel like its stuff tht inspired him

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