GUN GAME RAGE! (Fidget Spinners,Call of Duty Black Ops 3,New Zombies DLC)

for more youtube videos ! Playing Gun Game in Call of Duty Black Ops 3 the new DLC is out for Black Ops 3 and fidget spinners are taking over the world.

NEW CHANNEL videos coming soon.


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  1. Who watching in 2020

  2. I dont have a summer because I am a dog
    And btw a Shiva is the bo3 version of an m14

  3. Anyone rewatching any of duck voices old videos to take you mind off of quarantine 😂😂

  4. Yeet

  5. 6:04 LOL

  6. Please play more bo3

  7. u are so fucking cool your duck is a🐥puss🐥?!@#

  8. #Back

  9. Same bro the locus is my fav to

  10. I love your videos because you swaer

  11. Why does he sound like fearless

  12. WTF a was that screen lol

  13. It's 2020

  14. Nostalgia

  15. 420 noscope +69 xp

  16. Do you play COD mobile?🤔🤔

  17. Im not judging him but he said that kino der toten is from bo2 (its from bo1)

  18. 1:29

    "I hate these boxes so-"

    proceeds to get an epic from the box

  19. Pause at 6:04 😂

  20. Bro your aim is so trash them quickscope is so TRASH my god
    duck you

  21. Kino der toten is black ops 1 nigga who noticed noticed this

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