GUN GAME RAGE! (Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Gun Game)

GUN GAME RAGE in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3!
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Black Ops 3 + Gun Game + Torture Variant = FUN!

…and a ton of rage

I had some extra footage from the last time I hosted a Black Ops 3 open lobby on the PS4, and it all turned out to be Gun Game Torture stuff!

What’s Gun Game Torture? – Gun Game Torture is a variant of Gun Game that requires headshots only and 10 gun demotion. It’s incredibly satisfying when you win Gun Game Torture, but it’s even more satisfying when you punch people and set them back by 10 guns!

I’ve never heard so many people rage at once in Gun Game (especially in an open lobby for fun), and I’ve never been set back so many times and raged so much at Gun Game Torture. This lobby was crazy…


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  1. Nothing better than hoppin on xbox or playstation with the boys

  2. That thumbnail scares me

  3. If you buy a mic, you shouldn't buy one that is worse than not having one.

  4. Dude Nice, I make people rage quit a lot. 10 gun reset, Headshots only with as many bots as possible

  5. I keep thinking I hear wacaxtrickshot in the background.

  6. How do u play/ get to gun game in black ops 3 cause I wanna do it but it ain’t there

  7. Puts on volume warning during the scream. Good job

  8. Ssssssssssswwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  9. This day was so fun af

  10. I love how the kid was the most chill out of all of them

  11. In infinite warfare in infected I was first infected and I went off 10 kills in a row it was amazing 10 fucking kills in less then 10 seconds

  12. Vondy

  13. Cheak your ps4 messages pls


  15. who the fuck rage quits from these party games? they come here to have fun don't they? not to mention, play with merkmusic -_-

  16. 😀

  17. "Still couldn't win #skrub"

  18. I love u m3rkmus1c

  19. One punch One kill at health 95%

  20. i swear half these people mics shoved up theee ass

  21. for every like a player with a bad mic will break so we dont have to listen to shity mic

  22. whats up wit the potato mics

  23. See this is why I play battlefield. No shitty mics with shittier people behind them.

  24. See this is why I play battlefield. No shitty mics with shittier people behind them.

  25. hey m3rk could you play ROBLOX on th computer cuz there is a wierd game called counter blox roblox offensive XD its so fun

  26. does any body know a movie called hardcore henry

  27. Lobby of fucking 12 year olds? xD

  28. merk glue stic is my favorite uptuber

  29. Is it just me or am i the only one who hates the fuck out of little kids in mercs videos?

  30. Yeeeeeeeeessssssss noooooooooooo fuuuuuuuuuuck

  31. i can't hear anything

  32. it needs knifing

  33. when the video are done whats the name of the musc?

  34. ps4 game chat gave me aids

  35. Derp

  36. r.I.p merks headset

  37. what the fuck is up with ps4 mics jesus

  38. How tf is everyone getting headshots HACKS

  39. these mics make me want to gauge my eyes out

  40. What the hell are these mics? Its like they ram potatoes in the mic jack an speak into it

  41. all those damn headshots

  42. why the fuck do kids play call of duty its so fucking cancerous

  43. Man what is that outro song?

  44. Hey Erik what is your name?

  45. Something I find weird about playstation is, they have "sexy" graphics, but the mic quality is dirty anus

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