GOOD GAME! (Black Ops 3 Funny Moments) Baseball Bat, Rage, Highlights! – MatMicMar

This video is mostly funny moments from me and friends playing BO3. Over a week ago an update for Black Ops 3 came out and it added new weapons. The new weapon update added Peacekeeper MK2, R70 Ajax, DBSR-50, Nunchucks and the Enforcer. The Peacekeeper MK2 is a remake of the peacekeeper, the first ever DLC weapon in Call of Duty and is now available in Supply Drops. Another weapon the new weapon update also added is the DBSR-50. The DBSR-50 is a remake of a sniper from Black Ops 2 called the DSR-50. I did a supply drop weapon and got the Peacekeeper MK2 and the Enforcer. I have been using the Enforcer and Peacekeeper MK2 in most of my videos recently. But in this video I use a new weapon that I got from a supply drop. When I did that supply drop opening with all the new weapons, I also got one old weapon, the baseball bat (MVP). In this video I try out the MVP for the first time. I hope that you guys enjoy!

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  2. 1v1 fearless

  3. Shower thoughts: if blackjack takes other people’s ability’s then what ability do u get when u kill blackjack while using blackjack😶😶😶

  4. How'd u make such a beautiful Thumbnail?

  5. 1:55 looks like you have PHD Flopper

  6. One of the first ever vids of u i've ever watched

  7. Matt makes bo3 look fun so I installed it again realizing I suck so I uninstall it xD

  8. "Matthew" shoots flame Thrower out of window then gets rippered

  9. hi <3 your a great youtuber mat i hate von

  10. matmicmar itsleach told me you blocked him why

  11. how do you get weaponized camo

  12. 10 k I was watching

  13. Lit ass outro

  14. outro music on point

  15. I hate when that happens

  16. i dont now why u dont have 1million subs

  17. Matmicmar my son absolutely loves your videos on Rufus the Spaceman. In fact so much that he insisted that I make him a costume of Rufus for Halloween. He is 10. I would love to share a picture with you. We just returned from a costume party and he is bummed everyone didn't know who he was. It would boost his spirits I think. =)

  18. I loved that weird remix at the end

  19. face reveal

  20. how do u get ur friends names in the video and how do u record

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