Getting TRASH MAGIC in the New Black Clover Game | Roblox

Black Clover Grimshot in Roblox

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  1. lmao there is a specific tower to get fire magic there are 2 magic towers.

  2. Hes trying so hard to not say "THIS GAME IS BAD" lmaoooo im crying

  3. It was my bday

  4. It’s hard to get something good In this game I spinner 30+ times and got shit

  5. Wdym u can't I got it like 24 time I got water

  6. Yo, please play some more of this. The game is great and I wanna see more of it!

  7. Bro that ash magic is ass magic.

  8. U could go to the other grimoire tower that is on the other side of the cave which u can get better magic from

  9. 15 ROBUX NANI!?!?!?!

  10. I feel your pain my brotha…But I brought yen and went to the uncommon magic and got steel


  12. Bruh how did u get ur animation in the game?

  13. i got ice magic 3rd try

  14. Bro I feel you about not knowing what to play

  15. Is ash magic gud?

  16. Ik it’s sad that Kobi died but SHUT UP GOSH YOU’RE SO ANNOYING

  17. You over with 2,000 robux and I'm over here with 24 robux you are not broke I'm am -.-

    Also the beginning I was dancing hard beat

  18. you need to grind like 45 min to get your first magic…

  19. Don't sleep on Ash magic, you can only use it against magic, it's more like a counter or trap magic

  20. I got fire

  21. Why does everybody hate basic defense

  22. Play more please

  23. It is wip so maybe that’s the only power tier

  24. lol I got steel magic first try

  25. sauce nation!

  26. It sould like he was crying

  27. 6:04 la moula🤣🤣🤣its a french word bruh

  28. i need 9 more robux to buy the game sadly

  29. Sauce Nation!

  30. Tf why u moanin

  31. All i hear the whole video is "Igatta get dat fity yu knowwwww

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