Game of the Year 2019 (Part 2) – Kylie's List – Run Button Podcast


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“Dispatch” by The J. Arthur Keenes Band

“Sayonara Wild Heart,” “Parallel Universes,” “Mine,” “Inside,” and “Wild Hearts Never Die” by Daniel Olsén, Jonathan Eng, and Linnea Olsson

“Let’s Go To Tokyo” by Statikz & The J. Arthur Keenes Band

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  1. I've watched your videos for years now and am so happy you still do this. That being said, (and feel free to completely ignore this if you're not interested) while there are probably plenty of people out there who enjoy the "Keith must win" bit and get enjoyment from it every time, I personally find it kind of a massive bummer every year as someone whose opinions and personality have always tended to be closer to Kylie's. Kylie's reaction could be 100% a bit too and maybe I'm just not getting it, but it feels bad to me every damn time. You guys keep doing your thing and I'll keep watching, but I just wanted to give that feedback as I enjoy your relationship when you're getting along.

  2. whats the name of the rythm game that yall like and that isnt EBA and sayonara? i kept hearing "owen done" but im pretty sure that is not it


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