Game Master Top Secret Mystery Clue Hidden in Black Friday Ads! New Foxfin HatchiBabies Egg Found!!


Game Master Top Secret Mystery Clue Hidden in Black Friday Ads! New HatchiBabies Egg Found!!
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Today my dad found a top secret mystery clue signed -GM, possibly a message left by the Game Master! We follow the clues outside where we find 2 hidden HatchiBabies eggs in our backyard. We had to find 3 new things about these HatchiBabies before we could open them and see that we got a brand new Foxfin HatchiBaby! We only opened one and are going to be giving away the 2ndone to one of you guys during our 12 Days of Christmas coming soon!

The Game Master, Project Zorgo, and/or Pumpkin Patch is targeting all YouTubers, including Stephen and Grace Sharer, Rebecca Zamolo, Carter Lizzy Sharer, Papa Jake, Ninja Kids, Vy Qwaint, Chad Wild Clay CWC, Papa Jake, and tons more. We have already stopped doomsday, but there are more top secret mystery spy mystery clues hidden in top secret abandoned locations we have yet to find!

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