Game Is OFFICIALLY "Pay To Win" | Black Ops 4 (Multiplayer Gameplay)

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Gameplay. There’s brand new Signature Weapons and one happens to be for the best gun… Coincidence!?
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Game Is OFFICIALLY “Pay To Win” | Black Ops 4 (Multiplayer Gameplay)


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  1. Glad you clarified yourself lol, I was sharpening my pitchfork.

  2. I got legs

  3. Gun Camo…doesn’t make any gun op…?

  4. Cod has been ptw for years

  5. hey everybody come check out my youtube and hope you enjoy

  6. Let the bullets go

  7. Code imnotinfinitelits in fortnite item shop

  8. I believe the map was called Kowloon. It was modeled after the Kowloon walled city which, while it existed, had the highest pop density on a planet.

  9. Lmao, my name is Maddox.

  10. How is it pay to win I have not payed for anything but the game and I have dark matter no way is it pay to win

  11. Oh yeah

  12. Please don’t be just another Bungie fan boy that bashes Activision but still plays CoD, plus I don’t see how aesthetics are PTW?

  13. Awesome reactive camo!

  14. Why are you tap firing

  15. Well who’s a cool kid 😂😂

  16. Battlefield V give free weapon to everyone

  17. OMG Thumbnail!

  18. How can I release all weapons?

  19. i need to pay for what i earn? ill never buy a call of duty game. ever again. that was the last one. my hope is gone.

  20. fruit why do you beatbox the battlefield theme while being sneaky in cod LOL that is so random

  21. How is the mini map showing the blips for you? The little beam telling you the direction of the e enemy.

  22. You sound like Peter griffin sometimes , i bet you could do a mean peter

  23. It’s purely aesthetic though, how is that pay to win

  24. Granada is nice, is how we say in Brazil.

  25. Black ops 4 is shittttttttt!!!!!!!

  26. Is personality and his witty sense of humour is GOLD! Sub this dude 👍🏻

  27. Aim a bit higher when running. Your crosshair at the ground, so you gotta pull up any time you suddenly clash with the enemy. I used to had same bad habbit…

  28. Where is that pop-off strife gameplay

  29. how is it pay to win? its just skins

  30. I purchased that package, but I didn’t get the Maddox. Do you know why?

  31. Mr Fruit can definitely nail a perfect Elvis impression

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