Frank Woods Coming To Modern Warfare? (Black Ops Story)


Things are starting to get strange for Call of Duty Modern Warfare. There is a leak that Frank Woods is Coming To Modern Warfare. In This video we break down this leak and discuss the story of Frank Woods. A Black Ops Story, hope you enjoy!

Full Story of Frank Woods:


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  1. The only way I see the theory is that Alex from modern warfare is Alex mason (which would make since both are cia paramilitarys) and has yet to meet woods and modern warfare is just a merged universe and every one from modern warfare were from the last modern warfare and black ops but different. Also Sarah from bo4 is cannon.

  2. If true, my prediction is Woods will come with a dismemberment M16, possibly the Commando, in the Store. I'd welcome it.

  3. Okay honestly it would make sense if they back track for a minute.Why this makes sense is because yes Imran Zakhaev was around during the cold war and so was Woods. We already got Price’s story and how the mission failed but the possibility of getting another story could work especially through the eyes of the man whose been a bad ass. Tying these two worlds together would be the best option and not only that it would fix black ops.

  4. What if this new cod (2020) they pull what they did with this cod (2019) and just do a whole different timeline then it could make sense

  5. Black ops got shitty after bo2, black ops better stay tf out of modern warfare, modern warfare is the best cod released in a long time. Crossing black ops would be a huge mistake

  6. Dude shut the hell up and just wait for the game to be released. Dont u get tired of assuming all the time.

  7. I think this crap is way to complicated. KEEP THE GAMES SEPERATE AS TO NOT RUIN WHAT EACH OF THEM HAVE ALREADY DONE. OMG they need to stop with this complicated garbage. I honestly hope woods doesn't go into warzone because I love bo1 and bo2 and I would hate to see some reboot or retcon of something that ruins the story. Just my opinion tho

  8. Look, Imma keep it 99 and round up, I'm not really on board with this.

    If old man Woods were to show up in a cutscene, I can live with that. But to have him as an O.P just doesn't sit well with me because if they do ( a ) Old Woods it just wouldn't look right, like c'mon, a 90 year old sag on the bloody battlefield. Or if they do ( b ) Clone Woods, it would be taking the modern out of Modern Warfare, cuz your just throughing in future shit that will most likely not be tangable for the next few decades into something that's based of the society we live in today

    So, if this HAS to happen I pray that it's like Frank's next of kin or just someone else with the callsign woods. Sorry for the long ass comment, just had to vent.

  9. If Woods isn’t voiced by James C Burns, then I won’t be interested, especially if they do a reboot and he isn’t voicing woods, nobody can do woods like James C Burns can


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