FLAWLESS GUN GAME! (Black Ops 3 20-0 Flawless Gun Game)


FLAWLESS GUN GAME + Pretend AFK Players Rant!
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Thought I’d rant AGAIN since Gun Game might be completely fucked for Black Ops 3…

It’s one thing for players to ACTUALLY go AFK and farm cryptokeys, but not these motherfuckers are PRETENDING to be AFK and then kill you unexpectedly out of spite (because apparently the farming method is patched).

They’re essentially STILL AFK, but they sometimes move a little bit or kill someone every so often to prevent getting kicked. So much for “I’ll leave my PS4 on while I go to school for 7 hours and then come back to 100+ cryptokeys…”. That’s no longer a valid excuse for ruining a game mode.

What kind of cheesy bullshit tactic is that? Only the COD community could create something that fucking stupid, and it would’ve never been a thing if this community didn’t break Gun Game in the first place. Let’s just hope that Gun Game can be restored to a fun, playable mode again, and that the other modes we enjoy don’t suffer from this shit either…

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  1. u know why erick its bc on cod 75% of the player R 8 year olds and they dont know how to post on fourms and stuff they think its op so they try it to not the same as bf

  2. You realize you’re part of the problem by not taking it straight to the developers right? Bitching about it on YouTube obviously ain’t doin shit…


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