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Fix Drive is Not Accessible

Fix Drive is Not Accessible Access is Denied The File Directory is Corrupt or Unreadable

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How to fix drive is not accessible in Windows 10/8/7

External hard drives and USB Flash drives are used everyone nowadays to store personal data on there drives, this could be data like documents, photos, music, videos and a lot more.

Sometimes, without warning the disk shows a Location is not available popup box or “Drive is not accessible when trying to access the drive, you get Access is denied” error message. This error will make accessing the drive impossible until you fix the error. You can’t get access to your personal data. Over the years I have seen this error on different versions of operating systems like Windows 10/8/7.

Remember A USB flash drive is not a long to backup solution.

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  1. For anyone who had the problem "chkdsk does not work on RAW files" please try unplugging ur drive and plugging it back in.

  2. The type of the file system is RAW.

    CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives.
    I faced the error mentioned above

  3. After commnd showing me unable to determine volume version and state. Chkdsk aborted. Help me.

  4. My can't even start… It stops at 0 %

  5. its work ..thank u dude!

  6. Thank you sooo much for saving my data, Keep up this great work…..

  7. So I did chisel /r d:

    And it reads access denied as you do not have sufficient privileges or the disk may be locked by another process

  8. If it gives you the RAW error on the command prompt, don't close Command Prompt then unplug and plug your memory and run chkdsk again



  11. this is not working deleted my os😈👿😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  12. Not working

  13. thanks mate

  14. Thanks bro

  15. In my case after writing the command chkdsk /r d:
    Cmd shows "access denied as you do not have sufficient privileges or the disk may be locked by another process. You have invoke this utility running in elevated mode and make sure the disk is unlocked."
    So now what should I do to restore my data from my harddisk d
    Please help me

  16. you are the man thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  17. i did all the step and then it show the error of file and i still can't open my file.. it show "Data error (cyclic redundancy check). what should i do?

  18. I tried this however the chkdsk doesnt complete, it stops everytime at 59%

  19. it keeps doing this until i restart my pc.

  20. damn, it works.. thank you so much!!!

  21. My disk says access denied you don’t have sufficient privileges or the disk may be locked by another process. You have to invoke this utility running elevated mode and make sure the disk is is unlocked? What does that mean

  22. which bottle of whisky do you drink man?

  23. Thank so much

  24. what if it is not RAW?

  25. All of my games and other stuff were in my disk and i could not acces it. But because of you, i saved a lot of time to download them again thanks alot!

  26. Check disk is not working with my external harddisk what can I do?

  27. I have a 128 gb usb but its showing me 8 mb in diskpart

  28. I have done it last 2 months but now it back again I can't access my drive please help me

  29. Thanks

  30. This works for me. Thank you.
    I was trying to fix my old external drive. Thank you again.

  31. Hello, is there a full factory reset mode in WD MyPassport?
    How do I restore my WD MyPassport to factory settings?

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