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  1. Thanks pat for listening to my shirt speech. If you were born early enough, I would've put you as head of the CDC because I honestly wasn't expecting this in a middle of a press conference before my campaign travel in Texas.

  2. 51:00

    You sure about that bro?😂😂

  3. 36:00 I gotta go to sleep

  4. Five is the most fun map

  5. Sacrificing the pig is the humane thing to do

  6. I remember getting to round 35 on five with a bunch of randoms. They were actually useful teammates

  7. Me

  8. Kill the Pentagon thief

  9. Bonfire sale

  10. 4:48 bonfire sale

  11. 4:45 the answer is: the pack a punch fire sale

  12. Pack a punch fire sale

  13. i have played 5 before

  14. 18:42 TheClutchPlays causally flexing on everyone

  15. I’m stuck on round 21

  16. I’m stuck on round 21

  17. i never got high round on five so i neverd know therd was a pedegon theif

  18. How

  19. You get the deth machine in ascension so get naenaed

  20. Made it to round 35

  21. Omg bro I'm still in love with you

  22. 115

  23. Pat do not p pm63

  24. I thought pat said that he bad and he could not reach round 30

  25. A bonfire sale or a campfire sale I don’t know which one it is but I know which one of those

  26. Beat round 35

  27. Kill the thief

  28. Bonfiresale

  29. love how pat said that he sucks at five and cant get past 30. BRUHH most games i cant even get the power on.

  30. I got the thunder gun on round one and hit the box once

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