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Who is TheCityofZ?

TheCityofZ is a Call of Duty Zombies channel that was created over 2 years ago to cover primarily Call of Duty games, specifically Call of Duty Zombies. I strive to bring my viewers the highest quality videos and keep them informed with all of the new Call of Duty news. One common question I get is why I focus on zombies and call of duty when there are other big youtubers like ali-a and syndicate who already cover this content? Well, I strive to be better than them and make videos regarding call of duty zombie news, like new dlc, map pack, zombie only game, call of duty advanced warfare, black ops 2 zombies only dlc, and much more. I also do zombie challenges and many open lobbies. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are excited as I am for more call of duty zombies 🙂 |The current craze is indeed call of duty advanced warfare and specifically advanced warfare’s co op mode! Whether advanced warfares co op mode will be zombies or something else, you can expect the best coverage of trailers, and gameplay! As Call of duty advanced warfare’s season runs to a close, you can expect DAILY coverage of call of duty black ops 3 zombies and call of duty black ops 3 in general. The black ops series (call of duty black ops and black ops 2) are without a doubt my favorite series in the franchise. Black ops 3 is looking incredible. We have yet to receive a black ops 3 zombies trailer but we are getting new information daily. I will cover all black ops 3 zombies leaks, black ops 3 zombies teasers, black ops 3 zombies easter eggs, black ops 3 zombies map details and black ops 3 zombies gameplay breakdown when the time comes. I am beyond excited for black ops 3 zombies and may even force myself to spend 400 dollars to get a playstation 4 JUST for black ops 3 zombies!!! I hope to have the best black ops 3 zombies coverage on youtube while at the same time, providing quality entertainment for you guys!! Now that we have seen call of duty black ops 3 gameplay, specifically gameplay for shadows of evil and the giant and nightmares, i hope that i can provide you with the best content possible regarding guides, shadows of evil easter eggs, the giant easter egg, and of course easter eggs in nightmares as well as some awesome lifestreams!


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  1. I'm not trying to be rude but that's clearly takeo. your mr. futuristic guy/girl on the left is takeo. it isn't that hard to tell. anybody who has played origins as takeo will know this. when you get the fist from the box on origins it shows his arms. playing as him and seeing his arm in cutscenes in general has shown this. if you can't tell that's takeo then idk what I can say to help you

  2. It's Takeo in the left and the building is Kino

  3. It's Kino (light is the film, ya got the teleporter plus it's like the stage area atm so)

  4. All this on my Bday

  5. thats takeos arm brace

  6. it reminds me a little of the nightmare's mode were your in i think Singapore above ground before you get to the underground entrance , but maybe we will know for sure tomorrow if treyarch drops a trailer 😉

  7. So how has ur day been Z??

  8. Im so hyped for dlc4

  9. last image looks like the cinema room in kino der toten

  10. It looks like moon the bit where you can see the knife it looks like a landing pad in the dome

  11. Hey mate

  12. Z at it with his eagle eyes

  13. Exo zombies 2 confirmed! xdddd

  14. Fuck the haters

  15. Maybe this where Dr monty got sent

  16. why hello their

  17. Omg moon is back 😱

  18. He said IN GAME "IMAGE". What are you guys hating for yeesh.

  19. It's takeo 😂

  20. I cant waitttttttt

  21. First fam Ayy lmao

  22. Please eat me

  23. First

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