** FINALLY THE GAME IS FULLY OUT HYPE * | ** Black Clover Fantasy Knights *


After a some what long wait Black Clover Fantasy Knights is fully released time to hop and start grinding but lets summon first 🙂 #ShineyLuck #BlackClover #BlackCloverFantasyKnights

Anbu Twitter Group – Nearly done just need @ memebers

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  1. YOOOO
    Been hoping for a Black Clover game, needs a global for me my dude.
    Main reason I wanted it because I wanted a Magna and Lock doing the unison magic. THAT was badass, wanted to see.

  2. Well. This game is kinda suck to me. I really dont like this kind of game.
    Honkai impact 3 is so much better in my opinion

  3. There will most likely be a global because the actual anime is global and jp so if it’s successful there will most likely be a global

  4. Is there a way to restart? I’ve tried deleting and re downloading but it’s not letting me restart with a new account. I messed up after the summon and clicked the wrong button. Any help is much appreciated! Keep up the great content my dude!!


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