FF9 Excalibur II Perfect Game | 2.1b – Black Waltz Strikes Back


Start of Disc 2 to Bentini Heights

Same deal as last segment, had to re-do the attempt due to my mistake. In hindsight, I probably should have not saved here and just reset until getting a good battle. These two segments aren’t that hard, and could probably have been finished within 20 tries or so, doing them together.

*Defeat Black Waltz 3 quickly.
*Reset if he gets more than two turns, or if both are magic attacks.
*You MUST steal a Thunder Rod, here, if you didn’t have Freya win the Hunt.

Start Time: 02:59:27
End Time: 03:04:02
Goal Time: 02:58:00

Segment Time Gain/Loss: +16s
Total Time Gain/Loss: 06:02

Segment Resets: 6
Total Resets: 1134

Excalibur II Perfect Game Guide by Atomos199:

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