Fata Deum – (Black & White Style God Game)


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  1. I barely play video games now, but playing BNW is still one of my top formative experiences. I think it might be one of the reasons why I got into antropology.

  2. God games are OK, but they're all kind of similar, aren't they? How about using some imagination?

    How about a game where you're just pretending to speak for a god? You're the leader of a church, and you get to tell everyone what your god wants, but since he doesn't actually exist, your only powers are persuasion and… well, murder (ordering your followers to kill heretics and doubters).

    I don't know. Maybe that would be too depressing? Well, this is why I don't develop games, but only play them. 🙂

  3. This is not just "Black&White but newer" and I'd be inclined to argue the simpler and more structured gameplay feels like older god games moreso than like the game it names as inspiration. I'd be more inclined to compare it to the original Populous games actually. Definitely has some cool and different ideas to add to the genre as well though, which is a nice touch. I'll be curious to see where this one goes.

  4. you had me at black and white style. good lord if someone would only take this game style and port it into VR i could die happy


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