FASTEST GUN GAME in Black Ops 3! Black Ops 3 Fastest Gun Game Ever! (BO3 Shortest Gun Game)

FASTEST GUN GAME in Black Ops 3! Black Ops 3 Fastest Gun Game Ever! (BO3 Shortest Gun Game)! #QuadSquad
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  1. I got 1:09 you little bot

  2. What is it called

  3. I got 1.51.93 in gun game

  4. My record is 1:54 I can’t believe I was so close

  5. I beat you by 1 sec

  6. 99:59:59 is my fastest time


  8. Me and a friend got 1 minute and 40 seconds

  9. The Fastest is 1:20

  10. 1:40 is the fastest gun game in the world

  11. I have that

  12. I was in a game of bo3 for 2 seconds

  13. Seconds in black ops 3

  14. There is a youtuber that got 1:23

  15. I got 1:43 seconds against bits

  16. 1:30

  17. He just posted this to brag

  18. I got a 1:13 on black ops 2

  19. Gun game is so much more fun when you play on 10 weapon setbacks

  20. There is one that is faster

  21. ive seen faster

  22. I was just playing and got 30 seconds on Nuketown

  23. velox (ita) has done 1 minute 30 seconds

  24. Love your vid i subscribe!

  25. bro i just saw a vid with 1:40
    but yea keep it up

  26. Yo dude I was playing with you yesterday and I didn't even know you were a youtuber. I was playing gun game and you won! Good videos dude

  27. nice play, 1:53. unfortunatly an italian gamer made 1:47

  28. sorry bro but niickdrops was faster

  29. is call of duty black ops 3 gun game on xbox one

  30. Velox, an italian youtuber, won a gun game in 1:50

  31. +VeloX did 1.50 minutes

  32. I got 1 second in gun game

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