"FAIL, FAIL… OWNED!" – Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – LIVE w/ Ali-A! – (Gun Game)

AliA Black Ops 2 – Gun Game LIVE! Enjoy! 😀
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Lots of you wanted me to jump back on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and record some live commentaries. So enjoy some more COD: BO2 and let me know which weapons/modes you’d like me to play next time. ENJOY! 🙂

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Video uploaded by Ali-A ( Ali A / Matroix )


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  1. The old Ali A is the best

  2. hallo


  4. Intro Wasn't even in the rest of the gameplay

  5. Little rat boy xD

  6. Defo needs his beard

  7. What map is this

  8. intro song name

  9. Who is watching this on 2017

  10. 2017 almost 2018

  11. I agree

  12. Best YouTube ever at black ops 2

  13. 4:58
    M&M Sight?

  14. why don't you play one in chamber,sharpshooter,or stick an stones

  15. I'm on ps3 I try playing bo2 gun game but only 1 person always joins not many people play gun game now but it shows that people play it.

  16. do it for Spain aliaeeee😃

  17. hey

  18. Ali a play advanced warfare and invite shae 01234567890

  19. Ali a you should play bo1 zombies just to remember the game

  20. Now you can't argue with that

  21. you are the best youtuber ever

  22. i love you alia

  23. whats your acc

  24. and this is myfirst vid I watched

  25. hi alia if that's you
    um I subed btw

  26. What's the song In the beginning called??

  27. What was so good about the first clip?

  28. I know

  29. Ali a is never flawless

  30. when he said no scope he had the iron sight ballista

  31. the old ali a was beast

  32. How do you use the knife

  33. at 4.40 ali-a shud have said welcome to my house

  34. 2200 comment

  35. I like bo2

  36. Swag I am going to Spain Tenerife

  37. The old Ali a is the best

  38. my brother barely plays that he's even better than me

  39. the b23r sucks

  40. You are a boss

  41. Hi

  42. You speak like Bear Grylls

  43. Ali a could you do a nuke jacked video plz your awesome 😊

  44. can you play call of duty2 and on shotgun

  45. Airey. you. cirehs. Sirey
    Hirey. Direy. Fired.
    Wirey. Blly. Pirey. ok,
    love love love love.
    Hoy. Yires.

  46. How many dislikes

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