Do NOT use this GLITCH to make a BLACK HOLE in Minecraft! (EP19 Scary Survival 2)

With the help of CORRUPT STEVE, I was able to turn ANYTHING INTO A PORTAL in Minecraft! However, is it safe? Does it work? Or is it just a black hole of death? Find out in this NEW EPISODE of Scary Survival Season 2 w/ Eystreem.

▶️ CLICK HERE to watch the NEXT and LAST EPISODES of the Test Steve Series!


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  1. ▶️ CLICK HERE to watch the NEXT and LAST EPISODES of the Test Steve Series!


  2. Yes,but in creative mode and we can teleport by courdinets

  3. When are you going to do the next video!

  4. Eystream will you pleaae post the next ep earlyer than the otheres

  5. Can corrupt steve hear

  6. Can corrupt steve hear

  7. Would you guys like to live in that house

  8. Are you die no your all Staff that Mind game over no pleace

  9. Can we trust currupted steve?
    Yes No
    I I
    I I
    I I
    I I
    I I
    V V

  10. DUDE!!!!!!!!!!! How can you leave us on that bad of a cliffhanger?!?!?!?!?!? Have you no soul?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  11. 9:25
    “There is another…”
    Conspiracy! Eystreem is secretly a reincarnation of Master Yoda!?!?!?

    (Btw, I’m just kidding around, please don’t take offense)

  12. I probably shouldn’t be watching this right before bed, but here we go.


  14. your the Best!

  15. wheres the other episodes

  16. Could be corruption

  17. Ahh good days now I just watch unspeakable and papa jake

  18. I survived

  19. Yeah I saw this video the day when it came but rn I'm watching it again and now when I thought of the part when Jordan said Corrupt Steve had used this portal back in Season 1….I remember when Jordan was Cloning himself and then Corrupt Steve Appeared out of the wall and Evil Eystreem was created that is when it happened I think so….

  20. I have to look for places like many many times using that my main thing to tell a poor is to go lucky out the world into the void and then I can go anywhere I love Shah (I think you should do that I don’t know if it’s gonna kill you but it doesn’t kill me so yeah by you know my tradition I say this every time so yeah bye so yeah but are you peace

  21. thaumcraft 🙁

  22. is it the arckives but ruined

  23. You should upload scary survival episode 20 because I want to know…, no, I NEED to know what happened next!

  24. You won't die it's true in creative I just go down

  25. U need to make more videos it's been so long since u added a brand new scary sirvival video

  26. in the right way

  27. Ive been under the void for me just invisible blocks takes fall damage might die unless youre doing in right

  28. When will the next one be

  29. Hi
    I love your video it is the best episode in scary survival save test Steve 😂

  30. What the do ypu mine in thw village at the side!!!

  31. eystreem why you trust corrupt steve? do not trust corrupt steve.

  32. You need knowledge man

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