Cubo Wild game for iPhone 2G, 3G, 4G iPod touch and iPad


We are fresh chicken — games creators. And here’s our new work-iphone game:
Cubo WILD — puzzle /arcade tipe apple phone game. 36 mb of size, suitable for iPads and iPhones. We are planning to create the series of „Cubo” games — CANDY, MAGIC.
We have liked the idea of a simple construction of the tower. You have to bulid of the the figures to reach the figure as soon as possible.
This app game is elementary and certain, that why it is interesting. From the first time, it’s easy to grab the statue and rotate them to fail, but after many attempts to do so will be easy.
Figures must be placed very neatly on top of each other — they collapse. You have to keep up with 3 equal combinations. If you have builded incorrectly, you won’t have have enough highly construction. So you have to search for corret combinations to end this touch screen game . This fun mobile game has extra options – you can manage screen with two fingers, drop to side the iphone .
This ipad / iphone game is unique that figures have realistic physical characteristics: they are severe (stone), slippery (ice), rubber (red color), light (the tree). In the setings you can chotose of two different colors: green or wild.
Another interesting detail – the harder initial level, the higher the wind – the greater the swinging of a tower. So you must return the balance by turning to the phone (acelerometer).
And there is not enough – funny animals want to abduct from you the shapes. Thank god you can drive them off.
For update of 27-09-2010 we plan to:
1) add achievements;
2) fully updated menu design for even higher initial choice of levels;
3) to complicate normal modes;
4) add more animals, which will be more active;
5) improved volatility;
5) add your own your listening option;
6) log in to Facebook and Twitter groups.

We wish to try to take the game on Hard modo. This is not done nothing yet to end.


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