Create Bootable VHD Virtual Hard Disk by Britec


Create Bootable VHD Virtual Hard Disk by Britec

VHD Virtual hard disk acts like a hard disk. You can create a VHD from either the Disk Management or from the command line using diskpart. In this video I will show you how to create a vhd and then using it in a virtual machine like virtualbox or vmplayer, once mounted I will install windows 7 onto my newly created virtual hard disk. you can install any operating system onto a vhd file.

1. Open a Command Prompt, run as Administrator


3. create vdisk file=g:win7.vhd maximum=30000

4. select vdisk file=g:win7.vhd

5. attach vdisk

6. create partition primary

7. format fs=ntfs quick label=”win7″

8. list vol

9. detach vdisk

10. exit


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  1. i got linux and ran it says empty then i went so on and is there a downloadable version so i can put it in my usb?

  2. great video britec for the advanced windows video's, they helped me do what i knew best, your tutorials actually could teach someone who really doesn't know a thing maybe, i don't understand why anyone would ask for help in the comments as if your here then you already should know other ways to create vhd's and even convert to vdi vdmk etc.. Network disk is what many should know of before coming here, in short, vhd can be used for many things guys but for keeping files tidy and drive wizzing all over for data on a constantly undefragging partition (yes maybe not a word lol) the drive head will be always in one location when reading like a rar or zip file, perfect for a network drive and when using virtual box or even some thin virtual clients it it help runs everything smooth in a network fashion rather than eating cpu, ram is always easier to upgrade..

  3. I am just throwing this out there.Google this before you do anything. BCDedit ? Active Partition? to make it bootable.
    . Must be Windows 7 Ultimate / Enterprise OS to be bootable in 7.

  4. Please, could you help me?
    I'd like to boot a VMware Workstation 10.0 virtual computer on my actual PC (I have Windows 8.1). Is there ANY way to do it?

  5. i have a problem to install windows 7 in a virtual box because i had already installed windows 7 in it and accidentally i deleted that one but again i want to install that windows 7.iso file.And the message was like this "cannot create the machine folder windows 7 in the parent folder . This folder already exist and possibly belongs to another machine"
    now what can be done ???? 
    please help

  6. Also, my BIOS (Phoenix v6.00pg) doesn't list USB-HDD as a boot option. Nor does it have a key to press to bring up a boot menu. It DOES however have a hard disk boot priority. If I could somehow manage to create a vhd of hirens and ,using win image, restore virtual hard disk image on physical drive option, it would create a virtual hard disk that would be listed in the hard disk boot priority. Does anyone know how to do this (links)?

  7. I have the same problem. On XP there is diskpart but it works different way.. I don't really know and on the internet isn't any tutor for xp..

  8. Britec, sometimes I have trouble getting a penlinux flash drive to boot. Is there a way to convert an .ISO to a VHD? I've seen you're vid on creating a bootable flash drive of Hiren's Boot CD via RUFUS (which works MOST of the time) but sometimes it skips right over the USB even though I set it to boot in the BIOS. Is there a way to Make Hiren's boot CD (or any .ISO image) into a VHD?

  9. hey i have a completely unrelated question im using windows 7 and am trying to software raid and new striped volume is greyed any help ?

  10. You can use Disk2vhd which is part of the Sysinternals Suite, it will create a VHD file of the Operating System that your using.

  11. Lol now i will put my virtual boot drive into a refs file system formatted hdd.dunno if it gonna work though.

  12. I run a Windows inside Windows because I use it for testing, but its also good to run virtual machine if you don't want to dual or multiboot operating systems.

  13. If you download Microsoft Virtual PC it will run VHD file or you can do this.
    Attach VHD file:
    1. Right click on "My Computer" and hit "Manage".
    2. Go to "Disk Management" under "Storage" on the left side.
    3. Click on the "Action" menu on the top and Click "Attach VHD".
    4. Browse the VHD file that you would like to open, you can also make the drive Read only just in case you accidentally change something. Then Hit "OK".
    5. You should see your VHD in "My Computer"

  14. Great vid Bri, diskpart and cmd can save you a lot of time when doing some tasks i have some .bat files i use for setting up new hdd that partitions it sets it to primary and formats the new partitions to ntfs before an install Cheers Bri.

  15. Thanks for your videos Brian, as always. Call me a noob,or whatever, but, just wondering what is the reason for running an OS inside of virtual box?

  16. @Britec09 there is any way to create a live USB capable of saving the settings and files? my idea is to use one USB to have my complete OS and be able to take it with me, how can i do this?

  17. Thank you brian 🙂

    Ive messed with orical, very unusual and fun program 🙂

    Also microsod virtual pc aint bad eather.

    You do need a dam good pc to make the emulated windys speed fast enough.

    Ive never looked but is a vhd file an uncompressed type that starts with the boot record?

    Smashing 🙂

  18. Hi Brian, I love When You use CMD.Please try to use Power Shell sometimes as well.I Love learning new commands and how and when to use them.


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