Create A Multi Boot Rescue CD or USB Flash Drive by Britec


Create A Multi Boot Rescue CD or USB Flash Drive

When I do Computer Repair or Laptop Repair, I often carry a cd case full of CDs with my favorite tools on them.
Some of them being ERD Commander, Ghost, Ultimate Windows Boot CD, UBCD4WIN, VistaPE, Knoppix Live, Ubuntu Live, NTpassword, and so on.

I am going to show you how to build a USB Multiboot toolset complete with customized boot menu ready to launch many of your favorite tools.

Here is the full tutorial on our forum



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  1. Hi
    I followed your method to create a bootable USB but it give me some error.
    To remove the error I used diskpart command running in command prompt in administrator mode.
    How to fix this error.
    Look at the video below

  2. Hirens 2018 New Generation is Back and Support GPT Partition!
    this is my open source project 2018 check this guy >>

    IT Tools Pack Solution (Indonesian language) – Include Acronis 2018 + Norton Ghost + Partition Wizard & Other Tools


  3. Hey dude! I hope you can help me!! (Its not related to your video), so I have Dual Boot (Mac OSX Snow Leopard and Windows 8.1), I installed the Mac OSX on a USB stick and after installation, I boot into Windows 8.1 and formated the USB stick that has Mac OSX and when I boot up again there is 'boot:0' error, I hope you can help me solve and make my computer work again 🙂 Cheers.

  4. Ok…. tut looks good but links not working….
    Link 1. Not found, error 404….
    Link 2. Bad Credit Rating Finance Team and Link
    3. Redirects to Mom's Cookbook and many other redirects
    That is 3 for 3. So where do we get them there files as I tried "search?"

  5. i downloaded n burned cd from my pc put it in my laptop i here it running laptop still on blue screen about 10 minutes now is that normal? should i wait not sure

  6. can i have links for your erd_60.iso?  your tutorials are the best, made me a better tech.  love your tuts.  haha.  PM me. Pls…

  7. Hi i have got ready the pendrive as ur video and modified menu.lst file as u shown in the video (bcz i didnt find memdisk & menu files) with the things i required.1.Active boot 7 3.windows8.the big big prob is when prepared my usb stick with wintoflash it is loading my win 7 & 8 os fine but if i boot with multi as ur video 1.Activeboot is working fine.but win 7 and 8 giving the error at "select the device to be installed" Error:A media driver your computer needs is missing.this could b

  8. the forum is down but you have the forum files saved right? could make it into a torrent so we can still have access?

  9. Could you or anyone in the know please say where we can obtain this memdisk file? I tried using the memdisk within syslinux 6.01 and it did not work. Please make a suggestion. Thank you

  10. Hi bro, i did it & it's very good. But i want to insert the image to the boot menu background. Can you guide me ?

  11. Why didn't you put a link in the info bar, and why does the link that you did leave lead to nothing relevant…….

  12. resting you bios will not effect your HDD at all , its just reset the intial setting in your bios system , for the shutdown proplem check if your CPU FAN working with high Rpm

  13. Question, I'm attempting to upgrade a P4 cpu on my Asaus P4V800D-X. MB When I install the new cpu, the system turns on for 5 seconds than shuts downwith no display or POST. If I rest my BIOS, will that erase my MBR and all my data on the HD. Please help, need to upgrade THIS COMPUTER running XP PRO. Thanks in advance.

  14. there might be two resoons
    1:your pcs mother bord mabye old and doset have it
    2:it maybe corrputed. check it with antivivus or fix by find some appcation that fix file on its code
    but to you qestion "what am i doing wrong?" i think its not fat32

  15. I have the infamous windowssystem32winload.exe is corrupt or missing error on start up, and I used sardu to put a win7 repair disk on it, but I can't seem to get it to boot the win7 repair, what am I doing wrong?

  16. where can I download memdisk? Do I need it to install UBCD4WIN and Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10? I can't find the link anywhere in the description or in the link (which is not working on your forums, it seems the tut was removed)

  17. Thank you for your hard work and time to help others.Can I use this USB/ISO to boot another computer as long as it is a 64 bit or does that matter?
    Thanks again for your help!
    Desperate here.

  18. What if I want to have the whole thing burned onto a cd instead of residing on a flash drive? What changes do I make?

  19. thanks for the tutorial, i try with my computer but why vmware not detect my usb flash drive, any ideas, i appreciate it, thank you,


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