CoD Black Ops Wager Match #7 with Vikkstar (Gun Game)

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  1. who else got this recommended in 2020

  2. 2020 anyone ?

  3. here before the people who fill the comments with “WhOs WaTcHiNg WhEn ViKk WiNs WaRzOnE wEdNeSdAy”

  4. 2020?

  5. Who’s watching during lockdown

  6. Anyone in 2020 during quarantine?

  7. This dude won 3 warzone wednesday..

  8. why did vikk say sweating it out like a pedofile in a playground.

  9. "Sweating like a pedophile in a playground"- The demise of vikk's career 😂

  10. 2020

  11. Anyone else get this recommended during lockdown 2020?

  12. I’m the one person in 2020

  13. Just watching this now and donald trump is president it’s currently 2020

  14. Who Else here in 2020 during quarantine?

  15. He protecc he attacc but most importantly he need to turn up dat sens boi

  16. 🙂

  17. Last

  18. I’m just asking like what’s the problem with jj and Arabs

  19. I’m looking back at this and the truck shorting is terrible and now it’s all insane. They were legit spinning but that was kinda crazy back then. It’s crazy how video games have changed

  20. 2:48 behz and Josh saw the future lol😅

  21. 13:19 "KOBE!!!" 😭😭😭😭😭 RIP

  22. 2020??

  23. 9:22 “sweating like a paedophile in a playground” I completely lost it I was crying on my floor 😂😂

  24. Last

  25. JJ: Can you get a girl pregnant while she's on her period
    Josh: I don't wanna know about your life problems

  26. Dec 2019 anyone?

  27. End of 2019 soon
    If vik ever sees this
    The Past you screwed you over
    No wonder you still get bullied about this

  28. Who’s here after jj beat Logan Paul !

  29. we need to see this in mw

  30. Youtube recommendation algorithm
    2015: Nah
    2016: Nope
    2017: Hmmm still no
    2018: Maybbeee nah
    2019 : YES

  31. 2019 anyone?

  32. 3:30 the start of Okay Boomer

  33. any 1 watching in 2019

  34. I love how Simon and Josh are so salty and toxic because Vik isn’t even trying and still destroying them

  35. Hey vikk!!!

  36. Idk why but the shitty mics were better

  37. They sound so young😲

  38. I can't believe this was 4 years ago feels like yesterday. Then they mentioned Trump and I realized that man has really stayed in term all this time

  39. This is the pinnacle of the sidemen gaming together

  40. i need this

  41. 15:47 JJ got DESTROYED lol

  42. 2019 Gang 🎉🎉🎉

  43. 2019 Gang where you at?

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