CoD Black Ops Wager Match #6 with Vikkstar (Gun Game)

CoD Black Ops with The Sidemen. Hit like for more CoD Videos!
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Lootcrate: code: vikk

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  1. Who is watching these vids in lockdown

  2. Welcome to the future

  3. Yo vikk clearly said youtuber Josh clean ur ears I know ur old but danger.

  4. Vik gets killed by JJ
    Vik: it's a fucking Nightmare
    5 years later 👀

  5. Ummm….. Well this is awkward…. Um hi

  6. wheres tobi

  7. This map is in bo4

  8. wow what a weird intro august 2018

  9. Is vikk the only person in the sidemen that can hit a trick shot…?

  10. Ah the good old days

  11. Viks og intro reminds me of the fortnite dance moves song

  12. Behzinga calls vik a try hard even though he knifes and goes for trickshots but he just finished the game

  13. How ever reads this why are we still here

  14. Has anyone noticed that ksi is in the video but it’s Tobi in the thumbnail?

  15. Face when vikk puts Tobi instead of jj in the thumbnail

  16. vik your song was amazing

  17. Ethan is so fucking annoying lol

  18. 7.46 reminded me of tracer for some reason

  19. Shouldn't vikk be in faze instead of hawk

  20. I hate Ksi

  21. play the sidemen and have a quickscope match

  22. wow you the best 💵😎

  23. JJ's scream is amazing xD 6:29

  24. if I get to 2k by October 15th I'll do the funniest thing (that won't end my life or anybody else's) mentioned. I am a man of my word.

  25. dat intro doe

  26. No commenrs?!?WOW!Holy crep.

  27. Hi

  28. That intro is fire

  29. Vik just finish the game in like 20 seconds (no knifing) and just watch the sidemen just erupt with hate XD

  30. Has anyone realised instead of ksi he put Tobi in the thumbnail 😂😂😂

  31. Ethan's insults man… "Fanny wagon" like wtf 😂

  32. Could I stop getting ads for tampons please and thank you YouTube

  33. Vik next time just finish the game instead of Knifing because we all hate hearing Ethan saying he is better then you…

  34. Why don't you try cuz you look bad but I no you are better

  35. That intro is hawt af.


  37. whos subbed to codkarnge

  38. My childhood was Chucklevision xD 2:54 -Thanks for the reference 🙂

  39. Notice how Vikk put Tobi in the thumbnail instead of jj…

  40. Really dont like ethan

  41. Why x2 killfeed?

  42. Why does ksi have his tag arab

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