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  1. Good stuff bro am get on that

  2. Buen video amigo buenos head

  3. U play ps3 ?!?!

  4. I can't find gun game on ps4 outside of custom.

  5. Did they get rid of gun game in black ops 3?

  6. see the differences

  7. Wow you are good at call of duty black ops 3 gun game

  8. you sound just like ali g and look like him from the film ali g indahouse

  9. You don't speak french?

  10. i got the same hoodie😂😂

  11. Do you like cod black ops 3 zombies😃

  12. When he trash af. And when he can't rap ag

  13. your good bro you dont suck

  14. How do u start gun game on ps4

  15. but not wjen he games

  16. this dudes sounds depressed

  17. omggggģggggggggggg

  18. why gun game is unlocked for me im level 34 😞

  19. you should play overwatch online

  20. Jk lol keep up the good work

  21. 1v1 me eliteshot

  22. ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  23. u beast

  24. This dude spits crazy bars lol

  25. elite shot keep up the good work man. your awesome. i always wander to myself how are you so bomb at bo3

  26. I just wanted to say I've been watching you since 60K and you have grown so much and as a YTr but ur personality hasn't changed and that IS AMAZING BC YOU ARE AWESOME. you were the first cod you tuber I watched consistently

  27. Like ur rhymes

  28. Do u play on ps4??

  29. This is an awesome video. Thx so much

  30. Go and subscribe to my account Ninja Sox

  31. good

  32. Half of the time he's trying to make it sound like a nursery song.

  33. Did anyone notice when EliteShot is on the HVK 30 in the third game he calls it the Haymaker

  34. Did anyone notice him say haymaker for hvk-30

  35. What is the name of the 10th gun as well

  36. What is rhe name of the 7th gun and the 8th gun

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