CoD Black Ops 2 Wager Match #7 with Vikkstar (CoD Gun Game)


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  1. Whose better, Vik or Tbnrfrags. They both were hella good back in the day, would have loved to see them 1v1 in their prime

  2. I love how ever since the beginning all the siemen play the same role in these cod videos
    Josh complains about how he isn't good anymore
    Simon struggles and generally gets pitied by vikk
    Ethan gets super angry and calls people names when they kill him
    JJ just chills and incurs everyones anger when he is winning
    Vikk just basically wins every time
    Tobi when he plays just more or less is there but isnt really there
    Harry doesn't play
    Like if u agree

  3. Simon and Vik are definitely the best here. Maybe someone’s better than Simon at the game but he’s way more entertaining than for example Josh. But Vik is by far the best at the game, he’s the most entertaining, he’s the most funny and he tries to have fun in CoD when he’s way ahead of the other guys! Shoutout to Vik and Simon!


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