CoD Black Ops 2 Wager Match #6 with Vikkstar (CoD Gun Game)

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  1. 3:20 look at the killspree

  2. Who’s watching in lockdown

  3. Vikk used to run 4 sensitivity wtf

  4. Who's watching this in lockdown?

  5. I think Vikk was on console when he was doing this. Surely

  6. this came on my recommended and im happy it did

  7. This just showed on my recommendations😂👏

  8. 2020?

  9. We all. Red more of this with the sidemen

  10. Who is here after this popped up in your recommendations in 2020 like

  11. 16:00

  12. 0:33 JJs the one poppin now 😂😂

  13. jj could win if his chicken was ready


    JJ: money be drippin like water

  15. anyone here in 2020 lockdown

  16. from gun game with the boys to winning $10,000 in Warzone Wednesday…
    proud of you Vik 🙌🏻

  17. Vik won 20 grand from cod yestarday

  18. poppin

  19. Looking back on these videos and listening how whiney Simon and josh were it’s just embarrassing 😂 just because Vikk was better than them they say he was sweating😂 josh is ok now but Simon is exactly the same, whiney girl 🤣

  20. When times were simpler

  21. Im in the ghetto rattatata ratatata ahh

  22. Who watching in quarantine

  23. 2020 anyone?

  24. 0:30 vikk called jj's new song 5 years ago!

  25. Vikk just goes in and kills everyone.

  26. Nice im here from 2020 february and i’d like to see more sidemen call of duty content from vikkstar123

  27. why is this in recommended? I'm not complaining I'm just Confused 🤣

  28. 2020 anyone?

  29. Anyone else found this in 2019?

  30. Last

  31. Yeah the boys!

  32. 2019?

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