CoD Black Ops 2 Wager Match #4 with Vikkstar (CoD Gun Game)

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  1. 6:40 sounds like the knock down part of the gift when josh says it 😂😂

  2. 6:19 is a bit sus

  3. THE FKIN NOSTALGIA, Ayy Vikk do you still have an xbox 360 with cod bo2, we could have a match of gun game.

  4. I got that boom boom pow

  5. Who else is watching in 2020 :0

  6. Why did this randomly turn up on my recommended

  7. Who's Watching In Quarintine?

  8. Anyone here now that Vikks a god at Warzone

  9. Who else finds it really satisfying watching Vikk destroying everyone and then them being salty and call Vikk a try hard

  10. Anyone here in 2020 pandemic version lol

  11. typically I thought somebody went in a corner into the wall . like its a boat like titanic . u c at 0:20 or so.. those /enemy legs move quikk ..

  12. watching this in quarantine – vikk is too good

  13. This is the reason jj bullies Vik…

  14. lol imagine having this in cod 2019 this would be epic

  15. who's here in 2020]

  16. Just casually rewatching this

  17. YouTube algorithm doing bits

  18. Who watches this in 2020

  19. Anybody watching this in lockdown?

  20. such a simpler time… BO2 with the boys

  21. Anyone else just miss BO2

  22. Here after won Warzone Wednesday (twice) 🙂

  23. 2020 anyone

  24. Ethan used to be such a dick

  25. Josh takes all his anger out on his weapons, poor Executioner

  26. 1:34 vik hacks

  27. The glory days

  28. Who is here when war zone is out

  29. Josh: “It’s Meltdown”. It be sounding like the Christmas song. “Knockdown”

  30. lol

  31. hi also look at how many comments

  32. ji

  33. hj

  34. 2020 gang

  35. I hear 1v1 money match at rust

  36. "it's meltdown" sounds suspiciously like knock down 😂

  37. 1.8 views 25k likes

  38. Black ops 2 days:omg I hit a 180 quick zoom.

    Black ops 4 days:I hit 360 no scope.

  39. 1.8mil views but only 25k likes???

  40. 10 moar comets 2 get 666 comts

  41. 9:24 were juuls even a thing in 2015

  42. Anyone still here watching these back in 2020?

  43. it's good to see vikk bully jj for once

  44. Vikk's arguably the best player there.

  45. 2020?

  46. 2020?

  47. 2020

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