CoD Black Ops 2 Wager Match #12 with Vikkstar (CoD Gun Game)


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  1. Stop. NO scoping if I was to 1v1 you and you no scoped with most guns I would beat you with my eyes closed

  2. i remember when i was 12 and would whinge because people were better than me then i grew up, i would of thought these grown ass men would have to

  3. Vik turns a corner, jj standing over joshs head, "Suck ma ballsss." Vik shoots jj immediately and walks away

  4. Rewatching this vid after JJ released the song friends with benefits and laughing when josh says to JJ: "let's be friends"

  5. umm I seen vikk at Insomnia and I'm twelve vikk gave me a high five umm vikk touches twelve year olds iluminate


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