CoD Black Ops 2 Wager Match #12 with Vikkstar (CoD Gun Game)

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  1. When you miss the old cod games…

  2. Bring this back please

  3. 1:26 What Ethan mentioned in Alfie’s podcast

  4. Vik can you guys do party games cod for a sidemen extras vid? Pls it’s been 4 years😭😭😭

  5. Stop. NO scoping if I was to 1v1 you and you no scoped with most guns I would beat you with my eyes closed

  6. Simon is the most annoying person in the fucking world

  7. In 2018, they all look so young in the thumbnail

  8. Vicki is a god

  9. To this day I still wanna know what JJ said 😂

  10. Simon Calls him out for going MLG but is the one camping in a fucking corner behind a table

  11. Vikk says I will! Play now and then he gets 8 kills

  12. If you see this why are we still here

  13. Hey vick do you play online

  14. 1:09 just realised Vik is humming the X-Men theme

  15. i wish vikk would just win

  16. The gun at 120 points has one scope one top of another scope

  17. 4:30 8:25 9:00 11:20

  18. Censored word at 4:28

  19. 0:54 sounds like how I saying aluha akbar

  20. I always see wager on the title and there's never a wager

  21. i remember when i was 12 and would whinge because people were better than me then i grew up, i would of thought these grown ass men would have to

  22. the ending is so funny

  23. Why ya cyberbullying jj aka ksi

  24. you inspire me to play black ops

  25. Vik turns a corner, jj standing over joshs head, "Suck ma ballsss." Vik shoots jj immediately and walks away

  26. Rewatching this vid after JJ released the song friends with benefits and laughing when josh says to JJ: "let's be friends"

  27. Vikk has the best intros and simon is a dick when it comes to cod

  28. josh is slogman

  29. love your videos

  30. more exo zombies!!

  31. poor vikkstar

  32. Xbox one Or Xbox 360 Or Ps4 Or Ps3 ?????????????

  33. simon so mean to vikk

  34. umm I seen vikk at Insomnia and I'm twelve vikk gave me a high five umm vikk touches twelve year olds iluminate

  35. he hit jj in the ass

  36. Play bo3

  37. i stopped watching it as soon as u started giving away free kills because at that point it gkt boring

  38. nice

  39. I usually expect Vikk or ZRK to win these

  40. "Lootcra-" couldn't give two fucks tbh bro lol

  41. Jides at it again

  42. Wassup, Wonderful! bright beam What's happening, guys. !!!

  43. Hahaha that last kill cam was great

  44. The 12 year old minecrafters made vik censor his videos

  45. KSI getting censored! What is this madness?

  46. What's the song josh started singing around 3mins called "where did I go wrong…..

  47. Check out Lepracornish's channel for more black ops content

  48. some part of the boat lvl on black ops 2 with lmg u can shoot thou some walls n get them

  49. Vikk's a ballerina

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