Classic Game Room – BLACK for PS2 review


Classic Game Room HD reviews BLACK for Playstation 2 PS2. Bang! Explode! Boom! Black is the most explosive shooter that CGR has played and one of the most outrageously fun. Over the top explosions, firepower and waves of mindless goons make Black an entertaining game that should appeal to fans of stylish shooters like Red Faction, Time Splitters and others. Not quite as technical and precise as many current favorites, Black revels in its fanfare of shattered glass, shell casings and exploding random barrels and trucks. This CGR review of the first person shooter Black has gameplay from the PS2 video game, Black, showing FPS action on Playstation 2 in Black in HD. Will there be a sequel to Black called Black 2 on PS3 Playstation 3 soon? We can only hope…. perhaps it will be called Black 2 sequel Bodycount for PS3 and Xbox 360…?


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  1. I remember being super bored back in the day, i asked my mom to take me to the Movie Starz to rent a game. I couldn't find anything new so i settled on this. Brought it home, loaded it up and was immediately in awe of the graphics. I kept telling my mother to keep renewing the rental because i wasn't done playing it yet even though i had beat the game twice. Super nostalgia with this game. 10/10

  2. gamestop recommended black to me to me when I was looking to play something like Counter Strike at home. didnt have an PC back then .

  3. I loved this game back then. You described it pretty well! Its fun. No jet packs, bullshit patriotism. Just guns and explosions.

  4. I remember playing this crazy game and it was crazy fun blowing up everything and everyone with no idea why LOL

  5. Only thing i hated was no way to save unless you finished the level. I NEVER could beat the last level. 😠😠

  6. SPOILERS AHEAD I just finished this game maybe 10 minutes ago. I LOVED the story. With only 8 levels, I wish there was more to it. It had nothing to do with extra-terrestrials, BUT it reminded me of the x-files with all the "secret documents" and government cover-up stuff that you casually do in the game, i.e. destroy laptops with sensitive classified intel. There's a spot in the last mission where you discover "the full unedited Zapruder film", lol. It's such a small detail that goes a long way in terms of story. The overall excellence of the game, for me, makes up for the fact that it ends right when things are getting good and you finally get the green light to kill Lennox. This was totally ready for a sequel. I am in love with this game and I've never played any of the Call Of Duty titles, as the military FPS's aren't really my thing.

  7. People say that GTA San Andreas was a system pusher, yes but not as much as this game, I remember this game blowing my freaking mind when I bought it.

  8. Summer of 06
    Guns And Explosions.
    Weed and Black every night, I remember this game was the reason cops tried to get me nicked for anti social behaviour lol.

  9. You forgot to mention Black was made by the same devs of Burnout yup Criterion…no wonder the game is so good and full of destructible things and explosions.Criterion loves and is great at that.

  10. The cancellation project of Black 2 is a real shame. Similar situation like the cancellation of Prey 2 and DarkWatch 2.


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