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Hey everyone and welcome back to the Citadel with me Grand Maester Stitch, where we return to our House Shell lets play on the CK2 AGOT mod.

Dwyen of House Shell and Jon of House Brightstone both ruled as first men king’s of the fingers during the Andal invasion. Eager to oust their respective rivals, both petty kings employed an Andal warlord to aid them. This proved a poor choice, as each turned their sword on the would-be monarchs. Within a year, Jon Brightstone had been tortured and beheaded. Dywen Shell, on the other hand, was roasted alive within his wooden longhall.

Jon Brightstone’s daughter was taken as a bride by an Andal knight by the name of Corwyn Corbray – who also took Dywen Shell’s wife as a bedwarmer. Seizing the lands, Corwyn proclaimed himself “Lord of the Five Fingers” and establishing the reign of House Corbray. The title was at some point dropped and the Corbrays would style themselves King of the Fingers.

In this series how ever I’ve taken many libertys, instead of house Shell and Brightstone being extinguished, some members of both families survived and were Exiled to Essos, ending up in Volantis and in time Converting to R’hllor, but never forgetting their ancestral homes, promising to one day return home.

Wanting to expand their influence in Westeros, the Red Temple of Volantis offer to aid house Shell and Brightstone in reclaiming their homelands, with men and gold, so long as they convert the smallfolk to R’hllor and spread the belief of the Red God to the other lords of Westeros, Whilst Backing the one true king who worships R’hllor, to help prepare for the war with the Great Other and the Long Night.

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  1. Yeah it's an issue I've found aswell that sometimes you get dragged into wars with your LP without a choice I think its due to independence wars, that's the only time I've seen it

  2. Don't forgot to get a wildling in your court or get alliance with the wildling with your son or daughter if you get another daughter.


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