Chess Opening for Black (Scotch Game – 1)


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  1. This analysis is based on bad move of white I.e. e5 instead of bringing his knight out and his game fall apart. That means e5 is blunder.

  2. Fantastic analysis. I challenge everybody who watched this video if they could re-produce only 3 of these lines on a board playing vs himself. It's almost impossible to remember all of them 😉

  3. The Scotch has so much theory; at a low level you can almost be sure everyone is out of the book at move 6 and you can start playing chess 😉

  4. Ohhh thanks sir. You are a great chess edicator. You solved my biggest opening problem. I looked over this opening repoiretoire almost everywhere on youtube and google. But no one solved the problem. And you did it. Really you are the greatest chess opening teacher on youtube.

  5. Could you cover more of the Main line of Colorado gambit by white ? Because lot of people say this opening is bad not sound, blah blah….. When it is actually very good. Only an engine can beat this opening, its aggressivity and tactical creativity are AMAZING !


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