Changing The Game For Young Black Males In America


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Every year, almost as many black males are killed in Oakland, California, as graduate high school ready for college. But the country’s first public school program developed specifically for African American males is changing that equation.

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  1. 1:15 we are suspending too many of them because they have acted in a way that warrants suspension. 🤦‍♂️

  2. 0:44 now ask how many of of those who’ve died due to violence were killed by other blacks and see that the same hands will remain up.

  3. A pilot program is truly needed in Winona Minnesota public schools. It's agonizing to see how they are seemingly crushing the spirit of the male children there. If someone has a real remedy like yesterday please let me know. Seriously. Thank you truly.

  4. A total of 454 blacks murdered in Chicago this year. Planned Parenthood murders an average of 170,000 BLACK babies a year. Both Chicago and Planned Parenthood are run by the Democratic party. Which party do you think appear to be trying to eliminate the black race?

  5. Typical liberals-blame everyone but yourselves. Racist blacks. Of course you grew up without a father, the Democrats love that. That’s how they keep you voting for them.

  6. You are how you act , and you are what you think you are ! Be good, and you are good ! Who cares what others think of you ! You can be, do anything you put your mind to !

  7. My heart hurts every time I see these videos. I am so proud of everyone in thus video. You are all doing such an AMAZING job. On the flip side of that, it is so shocking to have these statistics blaring and obvious.

  8. If there was ever a white college expo it would be viewed as racist but a black person can openly practice racism and hatred and are never called out

  9. Why do so many Blacks tolerate being sundered from each other in the United States of America? Would Why?ts put up with such insults? History says "No!" — & .

  10. Changing the game is leaving America forever and going to Ghana or other non neo natzi non communist countries were you’ll be appreciated self-empowered,self validated And earn the fruits of your labor and all of your money not this piece of shit Babylonian hell hole so called brown men have to deal with on a daily basis

  11. This is why we all need stick together as fathers. The father is absolutely vital to the life of a child, regardless of race.

  12. Democrats aint gonna like this at all. A young black man reading? Democrats want you in the same spot as before since 1920’s —all voting Democrat. Poor, illiterate, on welfare, pregnant, live in the hoods, so long as you vote Democrat. You wander off, they will send Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to keep u in line.


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