CGRundertow DELTA FORCE: BLACK HAWK DOWN for Xbox Video Game Review

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Delta Force: Black Hawk Down for the original Xbox.

Released for the Xbox in 2005, this game was developed for the system by Climax Group and was published by Novalogic. It’s a very gritty take on the horrifying conflict in Somalia that was on display in the movie Black Hawk Down, and although the game did trend this ground with care and good taste, the gameplay doesn’t really offer that much fun. Still, it featured a gigantic multiplayer mode when Xbox Live was up for the original system, so it should not be forgotten.

This video review features video gameplay footage of Delta Force: Black Hawk Down and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Gabe.

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  1. He forgot the bullet drop a rare sight, people do not really understand how tactical they tried to do this for 2003 50 play servers were HUGE and the maps make Minecraft small compared.
    Map layout did repeat but custom maps were since all maps use pre-made objects and custom maps could be creative.

  2. Playing this on the original Xbox! Some good memories. Went and picked this one up along with GUN, another great game everyone should check out.

  3. i still play this game 16 years after it's release same with conflict desert storm.

  4. Crap commentary. Luckily the people that actually played this game had a very positive and less cynical experience. DFBHD games online were absolutely superb.

  5. Everyone remembers Black Hawk Down but noone remembers Joint Ops an that makes me sad.

  6. it wasn't a failure the battle was won and it was known that a blackhawk would be shot down as they slowly hovered over the houses

  7. The ps2 game is difficult

  8. why did Novalogic games change the humvees after Joint ops?

  9. this game was the one that hooked me to the world of first person shooters

  10. good memories playing this game on PC. 

  11. this was like bf3 when it first came out

  12. Pleaz

  13. Pleaz

  14. Yfbdgu

  15. What kind of video card does this game requires

  16. What kind of video card does this game requires

  17. I think this is a decent mix of Americas Army and Battlefield

  18. one of my favorite ps2 games!

  19. i remember playin this for ps2.

  20. This was super fun on co op

  21. This used to be so fun online

  22. CoD wasnt even a wet dream when df1 came out. DF1 was the first true massive mulitplayer game. I think Df1 came out in 99 or 00

  23. This game was best played in multiplayer on pc. It was the best sniper game ever. Ive played sense DF1… Damn i feel old

  24. Best palyed on PC. I used to hack like crazy

  25. CGR !!!!

  26. best played on PC.

  27. This game was so fun! I really wish they make one for the modern generation!

  28. You do realise this was released on the original Xbox, don't you?

  29. This game in MP was so much fun. nice review

  30. 2 player MP was fun if you cranked the game speed up to 100 %.
    Crazy fun.
    The gameplay and graphics were crap, combine that with the VERY stiff controls and you have BHD.

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