Car Tech 101: Mazda's Skyactiv engine technology is really something


What does Skyactiv tell you about a Mazda engine? A lot of things, all of them about helping to keep combustion engines from becoming obsolete. Read more about Mazda’z Skyactiv engine from Brian Cooley –

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  1. What not one person has mentioned is the awesome sound of the SkyActiv gas engine. My 2020 CX 3 with the 2.0 SkyActiv engine had me baffled at first. Many reviewers complain of the "drone" sound of the engine. I disagree. It sounds like a torquey little diesel and has a lot of torque at around 2500 to 3800 RPM. At first I thought it was the gearbox or transaxle but the engine has a sound similar to a 4 cyl 4 stroke outboard engine. Time will tell how well this engine peforms in the long run. For the money, Mazda offers a lot more car with the CX3 as compared to the HRV and Fit at the same price point.

  2. so much for German ingenuity in their engines Mazda is doing more to advance the combustion engine than any German make!

  3. Love mazda but I will be avoiding skyactiv-X until it proves itself. I expect mazda will need time to iron out the bugs.

  4. Combustion engines should be outlawed or taxed out of production wherever there is a battery electric alternative with over +200 Mile real workd range and supercharging compatibility.

  5. Mazda still need to address and fix the issue of diesel fuel leaking into the engine oil via injector rings during DPF regeneration cycles. Too many people caught out by this so far resulting in engine failure and huge 4-figure repair bills. Luckily I knew about the problem when my oil pressure light came on and told my mechanic exactly what to look for. Any skyactiv-d owners out there – trust me on this, change your oil and filter every 6000 miles and get the oil pump strainer checked/cleaned at no later than 80000 miles. Make sure the drive chain on the oil pump is also in good condition too during this as it can be inspected when you drop the oil sump to get at the strainer.

  6. Bit then you have to use ron98 then and that ain cheap in au, while corolla hybrid can take e10 which is much much cheaper

  7. My friend bought a brand new Mazda 3 and boy that thing is quick and fun to drive, I'm not a rich person always drove economical regular cars, but man that Mazda is so quick and fun and handles so well and such a smooth ride. Really is one of the best car I've ever driven, again like I already stated never been rich enough to drive any luxury cars.


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