Call of Duty: Black Ops – Kino Der Toten Game over song Kevin Sherwood

zombie soundtrack ITUNES LINK:

this song isn’t in the soudtrack

Well now you know that this song is called Abracadavre.

Listen to it here:

It follows the pattern with our normal characters in that the death song of our previous map, Kino Der Toten, becomes the easter egg song of the following map, Ascension.


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  1. Abracadavre has some similar parts just listen

  2. I don't feel
    Like I am real
    But I know
    It's all imaginary

    Are they real
    And do they feel
    It's all a pain
    Just inside my head

  3. This will be the song at my funeral.

  4. Abracadavre

  5. when everyone is down and the only one up is the shitty player 0:00

  6. A little late, i know, but this is a little fragment of Avracadavre

  7. This is Abracadavre right? I know five also has this end game laugh and then Ascension dropped with Abracadavre has its main song

  8. When zombies was still an idea and not a story line I much prefer that time

  9. AK74FU2


    Game over
    You survived 19 rounds

  11. When mom says ur grounded

  12. I glad I didn’t hear this my head during the nightmare of quarantine

  13. When the virus thats plaguing our world starts turning people into zombies with glowing yellow, red or blue eyes.

    Me: Lot of people who dont play zombies games, will hear this after the infected get them……

  14. This song makes me feel regret

    If you get what I mean of course

  15. ?????????????????

  16. When you're the last one that isn't infected with covid and someone coughs on you

  17. When you are listening not listen to the teacher

  18. When you get coughed on my an asian

  19. when u remember flopper isn’t on this map

  20. Covid19 anyone

  21. I don’t know why but I love the beep noice at the beginning

  22. me, 90 years old on my deathbed, my entire family in the room
    also me : die
    music plays

  23. Its definitely abacadavre

  24. I love kino

  25. When my crush rejects me

  26. When all the zombies suddenly start existing in the spawn room after pack a punching

  27. Me and the boys in the local theater fighting off coronazombies

  28. Death by Corona Theme

  29. Still my favorite game over song

  30. The name of the song is abracadavre "Elena siegman"

  31. Black Ops 3: Most popular
    Black Ops 2: Most fun
    Black Ops: Most nostalgic

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