CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS Campaign Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME [Xbox One] – No Commentary


CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS Gameplay on Xbox One. This CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS Gameplay is recorded in 1080 HD on the Xbox One and will include the full Campaign.


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The hallmark intensity of Call of Duty returns with an epic single-player campaign that takes players deep behind enemy lines as an elite Black Ops soldier engaging in covert warfare, classified operations, and explosive conflicts across the globe.

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  1. I had to turn off the in game music for two of the missions(S.O.G and Crash Site) due to a copyright claim from UMG.

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  2. 46:34
    woods: kicks in door
    soldiers: shoot at them
    woods: shit we have been made
    yeah no shit if you kick a door in for no reason

  3. I would always play as a kid but i never payed much attention to the small details in the story, this and waw are tie for #1 so it really bummed me out that dimitri was murdered that way, id always wondered what had happened.. these are very well made games

  4. Cod 1 multiplayer Ilove it the best game in the world we want a remake I miss the granade attached and the famas enfield orah

  5. I remember as a. Kid I used to be so scared of the first part of the campaign when he gets shocked so I would just not watch it oh and if you don’t believe me because your asking how would a little kids parents let them play such a game at the age of 5 well they just let me play it because they knew I wouldn’t do anything the people do in the game at the time I was a very disciplined kid

  6. How come whenever I’m at the 3:27:00 part and I try to shoot down the planes, it reads “aircraft lock required” on my screen?

  7. Also, being a Commo Guy (Comms if you're ANYTHING LESS than The U.S. Army; MOS: 25U "Signal Support Systems Specialist) I'm mostly satisfied with the proper etiquette utilized overall; *EXCEPT when I hear the word "REPEAT" rather than "I-SAY-AGAIN"!! Why? Well, lets just say you'll be left a burning cinder if you fuck up, using "Repeats" vcersus "I say again"….

  8. Funny how anachronistic the weaponry & timeline line up. Being former U.S. Army/ARNG-MN of 8yrs, I can tell a big difference between the 30 rounds of M16A1 (5.56 NATO rounds) holds, despite being in 10 ROUND Mags! Technically we use 40-Round Magazines but only put 30 Rounds in them due to flaws in the spring-loading mechanism inside it.


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