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  1. 9999999% working to guys!!! kahit gamitin nyo to magdamag di mag ooverheated cp nyo salamat lods!!!

  2. pwede ba kahit naka wifi?

  3. Need root device po ba yan lods?

  4. bilis mag drain ng battery idol

  5. lods ehi update nmn expired na po

  6. Working Lods, Tas update ung Ehi File Lods Expired na eh

  7. Pa update ehi lods

  8. Di bayan 3rd party app lods?

  9. Lodss pa shout out new subscriber here

  10. Shout out lods

  11. Penge po skin paps 😅


  13. Paupdate po nung ehi. Yung una po maconsume sana yung Wnp hindi yung free 10gb nauuna Ty po.


  15. Thank you sa SHOUT OUT boss

  16. lods for ml lng b2 or pededn s ibang gamespo

  17. Lodi pashout out

  18. Shout out lods sunod na video😊

    Ano gamit mo lods para mag screen recorder??

  19. Sir bat ganon nka subscribe nman n wla pdin ung dl link?

  20. Kahit po nkahigh setting mo lodi?

  21. No skipping ads

  22. Da best talaga idol

  23. Shout out lods!

  24. Pa shout out lodi

  25. Working lodi👍✔💯

  26. Taena 6g HALIMAW NET NUN😂


  28. Wow lods may google ads napala kayo

  29. Shunod shunid lods oa shout out next vud 😂

  30. Lods pa add sa ml id597476321

  31. Salamat po sa CROTIA APN sobrang bilis sakin

  32. Legit bayan lodz

  33. Ty lods

  34. Pa shout out ilde

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