BO3 Zombies | High Round Game on Origins using Fastest Strategy

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$1-$4.99 Bucktooth
$5 – $9.99 O Rly? (Funny Baby)
$10 – $24.99 Panda’s and Money
$25+ Tactical Nuke

Loyalty Points Reward Commands: Ask me before redeeming a challenge (Point Reset Beginning of Every Month)

!redeem moderator = 2500 points for moderator
!redeem HRMap = 1500 points for Attempts at a high Round minimum 50+ on a map of your choice within the next week
!redeem sniper = 100 points to use a sniper next round
!redeem NoGG = 100 points to not use any gg next round


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  1. Can’t wait till the next stream and this was a fun stream

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