Black & White – (The Ultimate God Game)

Black & White is a god video game developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows in 2001

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  1. this game is free on abandon ware sites and i have it running on XP and vista there are NO-CD patches so you can run it with out CD.and iso file or zip. easy to find.

  2. This game is so hilarious. Reign heavy on them and they start worshipping

  3. The constant “MUST BUILD HOMES” is so annoying
    Like damn, we get it already lmao

  4. Got this in 2001, I was totally addicted, this is right up there with The Simpsons as playing a big part in my formative years! Any way of getting it to work on an Apple MacBook Pro? Maybe that's a stupid question..

  5. I have looked for a very long time does anybody know if they will ever bring a new game out for this it's still one of if not my favorite game of all time

  6. I miss this Game please make a new Black & white 🙏🙏🙏

  7. So how does this work in "REAL" life?

  8. How did you get the game to run in 1080p?! I've been going crazy, but any other resolution than default puts the frame off centre?

  9. my favorite game, so glad i have it working on my modern laptop

  10. How do you install this game on your pc? And what kind of pc do you have?

  11. Perfect game for a remake for VR.

  12. best god game period! <3

  13. i liked the second better in general, but the first was epic. i'm sad that Micro$oft closed down lionhead after buying it

  14. Probably one of the best games ever made….next to DF of course…problem is the developer Peter Molyneux lost his mind and is now a pariah in the gaming industry, after his newest attempt to make a game called GODUS. His name has become synonymous with scumbag developers. As I watched the video I said to myself, this is exactly what I would expect to happen if Nook became a god. Stone thru a sawmill, same results as when you try that in real life, who would of thought ?

  15. had black & white 2 but for some reason it wont install because its missing a file <.< or maybe its because of windows 10 ?
    And i dont see why steam hasent added the black and white series yet :/ its a Gem in istelf

  16. Black & White is a really good game.

  17. Hah 😀 I got this back when it came out. Had some weird Pentium II with 266 MHz and 160 Mb of RAM. And a Voodoo 3 which is probably why it ran at all. 😀

  18. I never heard of this game… Is there anywhere to get it now?

  19. Freelancer should be next. 🙂

  20. I have not played this game in way to long! Still don't know what happens when you win the last map 🙁

  21. Oh my God I miss this game so much, B and W 2 doesn't even compare

  22. Ohh so much nostalgia!

  23. Where can you get this games? I could not find them on steam and their official sites are down, thanks!

  24. "Stop praying and do something productive."

  25. Thanks for playing this old game, I miss it. The series deserves some modern re-releases.

    The reason it isn't working when you try to make people into disciples is because you're setting them down way too roughly (that's why they're screaming), and you're also just dumping them on top of buildings a lot instead of the ground just outside the building. You have to put them down gently for it to work, meaning you let your cursor stop completely over a spot of land, and not too high up. All you were doing was terrorizing people as human baseballs when you tried to give them jobs, because they had too much momentum when you released them, haha. 🙂

    Also, about diminishing returns on winning belief from enemy/neutral towns, the game kind of forces you to vary up your tactics as it reduces belief rewards from the same action over and over. One good thing you can do is gently set a stone down in the middle of your own village … villagers will dance around it and it will "soak up" their belief. Then, you can either use that belief-infused rock for violence, or simply set it gently in the other village … it'll release all that trapped believe like a sponge at regular intervals until they're converted. Your creature is also always impressive to them. You can leash him to their town center with the compassion or aggression leaf, either way you want to play it … you don't want him to destroy the town completely, keep in mind.

  26. tbh black and white is better then black and white 2 in the sence you play as a god

  27. Black & White was amazing! Wouldn't your creatures appearance change based on what good/bad actions you taught them?

  28. A shame they never continued the series properly… =(

  29. Food, water? You call that miracle? Now river of beer, that would be a miracle

  30. fling the poo !!

  31. This game was amazing when it came out

  32. I love this old game.

  33. YOU MADE IT <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH. I was playing the second one myself and I JUST KNEW that if I asked you to play it I would enjoy it 100x more. Thank you so much, seriously. I will never unsub.

  34. If you drop a rock in your city, you're people will worship at it. Eventually, it'll gain a glow about it, which makes it an artifact. when you throw the artifact into another settlement, it'll start building belief in you

  35. I miss this game. 🙁 I wish there was a newer one for it.

  36. I played the hell out of this. Thank you for reminding me of a great game

  37. how did you get this working on mondern computers how

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