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Episode 237 – Some games get a bad reputation simply because people expect so much more from a given series. But are these games really that bad??

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  1. "Zelda II" is considered a "black sheep" because of it's introduction (and then abandonment) of RPG leveling up mechanics and 2D platforming, but I think people forget that video game sequels would tend to stray far away from their originals back in those days.
    Looks at "Donkey Kong", "Donkey Kong Jr.", and "Donkey Kong III". All games in a series that drastically changed gameplay between them. Even the first DK started off as a sequel to Nintendo's "Popeye", but really deviated from the established gameplay.
    "Super Mario Bros 2" was very different than "Super Mario Bros.", which was very different from it's technical prequel "Mario Bros." (and yeah, I know the Japanese SMB2 was more similar to SMB1, but the creators always treated it more as an expansion and eventually recognized the "Doki Doki Panic" reskin as the "true" sequel).
    I remember when "MegaMan 2" came out, the initial reaction from fans was that it was too similar to the first (though eventually people grew to love it).

  2. Hope there's more of this one as I think there are plenty more games to talk about. Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts, Streets of Rage 3, and Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter are a few that come to mind.

  3. Radio advice on old games pmsl. That is jokes. Imagine it on the original mortal kombat games or sonic games.
    MK1: " dont forget too try and punch and kick your opponent too death" "try not too get hit" "have you tried ripping your opponent's head off?" "Scorpion, have you tried to use your fire magic?" Hey hey!! Aha.
    Sonic 2; "dont forget too collect the rings" "remember too activate the checkpoints" "have you tried your spin dash? All you need to do is put your head between your legs and spin your balls, I mean spin in too a ball" "try jumping on those computer monitors, it's like internet shopping but you can only buy what is advertised on the screen but at least delivery is guaranteed and that delivery is instant too"

  4. RE6 is great….if you and a friend want to play it together AND you both enjoy "so bad they're good" movies/games.

    It's awful but kinda good in how over the top awful it is.

  5. The Tony Hawk black sheep is the one you needed a board to play. That one was truly awful and unplayable.

    THPS5 was just a bad, janky game with worse support/business decisions. Those aren't rare.
    The game with the board peripheral is the real black sheep. It didn't even work.

  6. "you re dreaming that you re running from somebody but you cant go really fast" HOlly S+++ Dave, I feel less lonely to having this dream! Im not alone after all!

  7. I would go for Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts, I know it is focused on building vehicles and stuff than platforming, I enjoyed that game.

  8. Resident Evil has always had action aspects. And 6 is a whole hell of a lot of fun, especially with a split-screen player.

  9. Crazy how tines are changing that whole resident evil not on nintendo…now it seems they're all coming.we just need 2remake .3.3remake and 7

  10. What are you talking about? You can throw cars enemies and other objects around in bionic commando. That's how the whole combat system works. Whenever I see someone complain about this game, it seems like they never learned how to play it. When I saw you swinging around, it was evident you didn't know how to pull it off properly. That's really not the game's fault.

  11. Ps3 was a great game but only made sense if you played thru 1 and 2 and lived in the time before 4. Oh and I could watch the running man for eternity


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