Black Shark 2 Review: Game on


Our resident mobile gamer Joshua Vergara finally tears himself away from enjoying the Black Shark 2 to give us some of his thoughts. The biggest takeaway? Some of the features that make this a gaming phone actually help it be a better everyday device.


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  1. FYI the Razer Junglecat controller, which is superior in quality and responsiveness DOES fit into the same sliders used for the official blackshark 2 controllers! (I have both!) The great thing about that is you can have the best physical controls available snapped onto the blackshark two (albeit a bit wobbly, but it works well enough). The great thing about the razer junglecat is also that it appears as a regular android controller to the phone. So you don't have to use screen mapping software to make the controllers work like you have to with the official blackshark 2 controllers. For example I can start the dolphin emulator via the special gaming space mode activated by the shark gaming switch and still use the junglecat controls since I already mapped them via the emulator. That way I can get 60fps in (awesome game name here) and play the awesome deathmatch modes with bots! I haven't been able to do this with any of my other phones. You want the junglecat for its native controller support for emulators, not the silly screen mapping. Oh and fyi the steam like right shark controller touchpad isn't nearly as accurate and easy to aim with as the junglecat analog stick within dolphin, the difference is night and day, although maybe I could just never get the sensitivity settings correct. (no settings needed for the junglecat though it just works perfect)

  2. It doesn't support AR core which is an absolute joke for a gaming phone. I can't beta test Minecraft Earth for fucks sake.

  3. in the first place, I'm not a gamer.
    so, I don't care gaming.
    what I care is it it has bezzel which is I really love. it has a long battery life. it is fast charging. and its accurate for tapping.
    then one last thing.
    you can use headphone jack using dongle.
    that's all thank you.

  4. Mobile gaming is pretty underwhelming. It’s filled with micro transactions and it’s hard to find a decent game. Get a console or better a PC. The Switch is better for gaming on the go.

  5. Just to ask do you have any pocket mode for that phone? Cause mine i can't find it, Everytime i put in my pocket it will automatically type by itself

  6. Do the controllers work well with gta san andreas?

    When i use a controller for aiming its so wonky i can hardly hit anything that involves a sniper

  7. 2008: "Phones will never run console games"


  8. Hey can the earphones be connected on the controller? Because it blockes the charging port that connects the earphones?


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