BLACK ROSE – Full Playthrough – Free Ghost Horror Game


Black Rose: (Free)
“Black Rose” is a free ghost horror game, from the developer of the “Captured” demo and “Otherworld Hospital”. Pretty cool, in my opinion! Thanks for watching!


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  1. Damn man, myrtle is scarier than sullivan. And i laughed at final Chase with myrtle because you lise it Like me.

  2. 1. You are absolutely amazing.
    2. Thank you so much for the "flashing lights warning" in all of your videos; whether you put it in the beginning, or say it right before. It really helps people with epilepsy who want to watch your videos. I really appreciate it! 🙂

  3. I think the breaking down doors mechanic is cool, especially when in a tense situation, you must calculate the power of the ram versus the speed of leaning back. Also, I enjoyed the bit when you lock her in the coffin and she gets mad, I never saw such a thing in a horror game. Overall a pretty solid free horror game.

  4. i heard the screaming when she was in the coffin and instantly thought of mark and yami playing slendytubbies :,)

  5. I'm actually astounded you got that "Count the lines within the lines"puzzle so quickly. You had no idea how many youtubers have struggled with that and you just did it perfectly.


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