Black Playstation 2 Game Review


I captured this footage using a physical copy of Black, Fraps and PCSX2.

You can grab PCSX2 here:

Black is a first-person shooter video game, developed by Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts. It was released on 24 February 2006 for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox video game consoles. The game is notable for its heavily stylized cinema-inspired action as well as its award winning sound quality and focus on destructive effects during gameplay.

The gameplay is essentially a straight forward first person shooter. Players can only carry two weapons at a time; therefore, strategy is needed when choosing weaponry, with weapons differing in characteristics. The player can also carry grenades, which can be thrown without switching weapons. Land mines and grenades can be detonated prematurely by shooting them.

The game is mission-based, with each mission separated by a cut scene video. On harder difficulties, there are more objectives that must be completed before the player can progress. These extra objectives involved collecting various intelligence documents, blueprints, or destroying parts of the environment. These are all indicated by the HUD cross-hair changing color when the player points at the relevant object.

Successful completion of the objectives over all missions in all difficulties above ‘Easy’ results in the awarding of Silver Weapons (infinite bullets) and unlocking the M16-A2 (40mm underslung grenade launcher attachment) as the starting default weapon with infinite 40mm grenades. When unlocked, these features are permanent and cannot be removed without starting a fresh storyline.


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  1. One of the best shooters ever. They have the source code literally sitting still, why not go for a PC port and make tons of extra money out of it? Dumb publishers, stupid bloated companies… They're out of touch of what gamers actually WANT and would pay hard cash for it. Hell, they wouldn't even need to pay labor to port the source code, I'm sure fans would be more than glad to do it given the tools to do it.

  2. This game is pure gun porn, but i can't agree with you in many "bad" things, i played and never actually died, the emulation has many bugs that are non existent on the ps2, the emulator i played and had no skybox in some levels, got stuck in corners and had to reset and aiming is even better in the ps2 version, also the ps2 has no frame drops but the emulation has

  3. Not being able to skip cutscenes makes games have a pretty low Replayability, I still don't know why I played Max Payne 3 so much, even with it having LOTs of those things

  4. I got this game back when it first came out. I played it on a large screen, with a surround sound system.
    That shit was intense.

  5. This game was so fucking boring I remember buying this and being excited about it. Especially since nothing else was out at the time it was released

  6. Lol I remember playing this on Xbox and thinking it was the shit. But I don’t think I’d have the same enjoyment playing it now as I did back then.

  7. Look i ham a video game director but if the gamers want another black then you should consider it to us to make that video game through our new line game story.? my contact number is 0649142463

  8. I honestly just ordered this from gamestop for the ps2 and i am so excited never got to play it back in the day man who needs ps5 when you got the ps2 amazing system great games

  9. i have played that game on xbox so much, made all the mission on every difficulty, too bad they didnt made sequel or other game with as much destructive environment

  10. This was not a standard fps at the time with extra particle effects this game was truly a next gen game on a last gen system in its time the destruction smoke sound the connection with every bullet there was nothing else like it

  11. heh I never like this game, and from your review, now I know why:
    – bulletsponge enemy design kinda contradict with the game's exaggerated destructible environtment.
    – boring generic industrial level design.

  12. I love this game and it’s by far one of the scariest game I’ve ever played, you hardly have any allies (looking at you Medal Of Honor) but the thing is. The environment is mostly dead silent. And I got so scared the fact all of the cover and buildings were being destroyed as I came running away under fire. Graphics were so god damn good even at the PS2 almost basically comparing to PS3 beating it. although it doesn’t seems the same as your gameplay which I assume you play on a Emulator according to the Comment Section.

    I want to keep continuing to playing the game but you know, disc quality is bad and you PS2 won’t let you play it for too long and I’ve gotten a lot of bugs from it such as freezing cutscene or a freezing loading screen. Sad I never fully experience the game but it made my childhood and that’s my 1st Modern FPS Game.

  13. This was one of my first games I have ever played and probably the first FPS one and I loved it,if i get the chance to pick it up from somewhere I will

  14. 8hrs??? This was one of the shortest first person shooters i ever played
    Your also forgetting that BLACK was playstation 2's amswer to HALO. It WAS ps2 first REAL FP SHOOTER. Call of duty really doesnt count


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