Black Ops – Hilarious Gun Game Knife Only Reactions


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  1. Sometimes when they are running you should shoot a bullet and when they turn around knife them that’s what i do.

  2. was so good once that i got tired ofwinning every single gun game match that i got until ballistic then i started knifing everyone lol and whenever someone reached crossbow i would win via ballistic lol

  3. Yo I've only watch 2 of your video's and I'm convinced your the best knife troller I've seen . your make people so mad its hilarious watching them rage over loosing a high rank gun on gun game . keep it up 🔪🔫💀

  4. The reactions weren't even good. As a matter of fact the people getting humiliated were pretty chill about it. Kind of makes the knifer look like a huge dick.

  5. It's people that do shit like this that are ruining games. It's often not even the developers that makes games bad, it's the players. You somehow think it's fun to go into a game mode and completely ignore the objective and your sole purpose is to prevent people from actually playing the game. This is precisely why I didn't play this mode and I don't play anything that involves players being able to take away my win through anything other than their own will to win. If you beat me, so be it, but to not beat someone, but simply prevent them from winning, you just turn people off of the game.

  6. I did this ALL the time! It really is fun to see how good you can get with just a knife. I would alternate between knifing only and then actually winning the "right" way so people didn't think I was too bad and that I had to knife. Lots of good memories here, except the when I tried to do this with the later COD games, I had a big wake up call.

  7. That's pretty Slick! You GOTTA See This on our channel – It's Amazing! The Best Knife Sharpener on the market fits in your pocket and starts Fires too!

  8. Lol i miss black ops 1. Everyone was so try-hard on gun game and the other wager modes. I never spent any tokens or prestiged so i used to go on high-roller and knife everyone. I had 42 kills one game all from the knife and everyone had there mics on.
    Fuaark i miss having no responsibilities except for school

  9. all ur bids are incredible. I've been watching other commentators vids, but this channel by far amazing me the most. I use to enjoy sandy ravage vids alot but this steals the cake. Knife only gameplay that's so cool. Keep it up bro.


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