Black Ops 3 – NUKETOWN "ZOMBIES" CHALLENGE! (Custom Mini Game!) w/ Ali-A


Black Ops 3 NUKETOWN mini game – Hit “LIKE” for more! Thanks! 😀
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● KING OF THE HILL mini game! –

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 “Custom Mini Game” – Join me and my friends as we create and play some crazy mini games in Black Ops 3. These videos are SO much fun to record and hopefully you really like them too. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE for more videos – Enjoy! 😀

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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A.


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  1. Been watching this because i dont wanna watch fortnite when bo4 black out ima be like out tha way here i come

  2. I love the glitch…there's a safe spot on the flowers in front of the orange buildings…stand in the middle against the wall

  3. Ali you are the greatest YouTuber ever. You give us easter eggs . Gameplay,updates, and more. But this video was one of the best


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