Black Ops 3 – NUKETOWN "ZOMBIES" CHALLENGE! (Custom Mini Game!) w/ Ali-A

Black Ops 3 NUKETOWN mini game – Hit “LIKE” for more! Thanks! 😀
► SNIPERS Mini Game! –
● KING OF THE HILL mini game! –

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 “Custom Mini Game” – Join me and my friends as we create and play some crazy mini games in Black Ops 3. These videos are SO much fun to record and hopefully you really like them too. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE for more videos – Enjoy! 😀

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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A.


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  1. What if i dont have freinds 🤷🏻‍♀️😔

  2. Background intro song while Ali talking Deon Cutsoms- roses

  3. When Ali a had better content then fortnite

  4. James it mad looooool! 6:33

  5. Who's watching in 2018

  6. Lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. #clutchplays

  8. Been watching this because i dont wanna watch fortnite when bo4 black out ima be like out tha way here i come

  9. Ali-A Ali-A laser beam has been talking stuff about you he's been talking trash stuff about you


  11. James it mad?

  12. i miss this ali a

  13. Press f to pay respect in rip alia LOL

  14. whos first starts with Ali myn does

  15. Tip : if u don’t wanna get killed just stay in the corner beside the black bed

  16. Alia looked so ugly back then

  17. You and your friends play hide and seek p

  18. Who’s watching in 2018

    (I am)
    Ps: who likes peppa pig here

  19. #r.i.palia

  20. You are the best gamer I ever seen

  21. I love the glitch…there's a safe spot on the flowers in front of the orange buildings…stand in the middle against the wall

  22. 2018 peeps will appreciate his eyebrows that he has now


  24. he was better these days

  25. #Ripalia

  26. Ali you are the greatest YouTuber ever. You give us easter eggs . Gameplay,updates, and more. But this video was one of the best

  27. I did the head one 2 see of they patched it in 2018 and it worked

  28. #RIPALI-A
    Your scythe will be missed

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