Black Ops 3 Nightmares Game Movie (Zombies Story) 1080p HD


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Gaming Sins’ Everything Wrong With Nightmares:

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So Treyarch did something really interesting with the Nightmares mode. First of all, you can only unlock it after completing the regular campaign. Secondly, it’s not a completely original campaign per se. They use all the missions and cinematics from the regular story mode, and completely flip it on it’s head here. On Nightmares you don’t get the option to choose your character, you are the bald woman as shown here. They frame the entire campaign as if she’s remember things that happened, and she’s talking to Dr. Salim about it. It is minimalistic in all the best ways. There’s been an outbreak that is causing people to turn into Zombies. During this campaign, regular enemies have been turned into Zombies but you still fight the robots as well. The story involves demons, gods and zombies. What more could you want?!

This one was a little tricky to edit since the gameplay does get repetitive to watch, but still fun to play since it’s all about mowing down a horde of Zombies. We tried to include relevant gameplay, important dialogue and all cutscenes to create a fluid cinematic experience. We hope you enjoy!

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  1. ong troi` phu' giac' quan .sieu giac' quan da chuc nang. co' the thay' , nghe , tuong tac' it. mang luoi' dang ket' noi'.
    phai mat' 10 nam nua nguoi` my moi' len lv12. luc do' Michael se biet' tieng' anh. hoac 20 nam nua. con nguoi` my thi` mat' 10 nam 20 nam nua moi ket' noi'. lv12 moi ok.
    1 the gioi' mang khong giay. ket' noi' bang tam linh . dang' va` ong troi` sky kiem soat' voi' 1 dich' tot' lanh`. chien' binh ra chien' binh. thong minh len la` duoc.

  2. Why is it called the Un dead when that means living? Unstoppable means you can't stop it. So undead means it's living . Strange

  3. Guess they got lazy by simoly reskinning existing models with zombie ones. 1:19:46 shows a zombie and a zombie on fire getting off that pick up truck.

    Super zombie is a super zombie

  4. The entire time Dolos and Deimos where bickering with each other I kept think about how Dolos must be the elder sister.

  5. I just barely found this game mode. This story or game mode is damn underlooked. It was so cool. This is what I always wanted in black ops zombies, a proper story mode.

  6. روووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووعه النصر لليمن YEMEN

  7. I mean this made more sense than the original storyline, but damn. The copy is strong with this one.

    Verdict: Two half-stories.

  8. The only thing that bugged me the most of nearly any FPS-games: 'adapt' or 'die' – I had my fair time gotten punched to the face when playing 'Crysis 2' and 'Crysis 3'…

    In this game [and perhaps other games as well], Zombies tend to overreact to sounds and/or perhaps even lights. In that case, what gear for weapons that should've been included against Zombies? That's right, it is 'silencer'. Except for those specialized weapons like launchers, many small arms have their own dedicated silencers for them, especially when back-to-back in a low-profile missions…

  9. Nao e esta a estoria voces nao tem que mexer no que esta feito.Pode pegar este jogo e jogar no lixo, esta muito ruim.

  10. Voces sempre estragam a estoria original,a Gamestich e mestra em estragar os jogos sendo que ja tem o jogo zoobie voces estao parecendo a Call od Duty. melhor voces arrumrem isto,no e esta a estoria, ou terao o mesmo fim da all of Duty.

  11. Gosh, man, it's simply impossible to read the initial legends! Since English isn't my mother-tongue, I do need the legends to understand the story! PLEASE CORRECT IT.

  12. HOLY SHIT that was long. I finished it by like 2 am in the morning because I took a lot of bathroom breaks. I was drinking a lot of diet Cola


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