Black Ops 3 In Depth: Long Barrel (BEST ATTACHMENT IN THE GAME!)


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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has completely reworked familiar attachments and the new Long Barrel is by far the best in the entire game. This thing is useless on SMGs, LMGs, and shotguns. However, It doubles assault rifle range! It makes ARs complete beasts!

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  1. 1:50ish. I thought that the change from maximum damage to minimum damage was calculated as a gradient, like a line on a graph, so having a greater distance along the x-axis (minimum damage range) would give a slightly shallower gradient, ""increasing"" damage at medium ranges that are just past the drop off point.

  2. nononono KN-44 the best with long barrel. the 3 shot melts enemies faster than keemstar running it is literally the best gun in the game (2018)

  3. So for shotguns it’s slightly better.

    Its basically extending the area of which you can hit someone, instead of making the gun do more damage at longer ranges, by making the minimum damage range higher, not effecting the maximum damage range.

    Thanks for informing me Drift! I’m a shotgun fanatic so this helps me a bunch. 😁

  4. This changed my point of view on long barrel completely. In other CoD games I was like "meh" to long barrel, but in this game, Black Ops 3? Hell yes.

  5. Shotguns not affected? Bullshit.

    The long barrel argus has stupid OHK potential, the KRM is great with it and the brecci benefits massively.

    I've tested all myself and it's an easily noticeable difference

  6. But does this increase the hitmarker (and therefore one hit kill) potential on the Argus? Everyone is saying long barrel is worthless on shotguns…

  7. I have tested long barrel on MR6 pistol :-

    without long barrel 4 shots needed to kill.

    With long barrel 3 shots needed

    And it will be great with FMJ attachment .

  8. Long Barrel and Silencer together. Does the LB plus Silence null each other? Will it Buff the Silencer? Is there any place online that has stats for this. I have a opinion on what happens, but it is very hard to tell. Hard data would be great for this. And I cant find any info on it being done.


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