Black Ops 3 Gun Game Gameplay – All Weapons Guide

A guide to gun game in Call of Duty Black Ops 3. This is one of the best ways to get XP and a decent guide for all wepaons

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  1. Still enjoy BO3 even after all these years

  2. I can find to win

  3. 1:24 What gun Is that

  4. Toy cat I thought you were like a pg channel for kids and call of duty is an 18 game????

  5. #qna will the be custom mod (that go public

  6. #QA

  7. I've been subbed to toycat for so long and I never see these bo3 vids

  8. Can we play Xbox one together ToyCat

  9. Make more BO3

  10. this game is awesome btw!

  11. more please. I love bo3. also, some people think bo3 is aw2, but it isnt. both games are made by 2 different devs. AW: Sledgehammer Games BO3: Treyarc

  12. Toycat is actually sick at this game

  13. Do more Black ops three multiplayer videos

  14. play more gun game

  15. You should play more cod now black ops 3 is out toycat.

  16. No bo3(advanced warefare 2) videos. Stop. Plz.

  17. Toycat, How long have you been playing CoD? I've been playing sense Mw2! And what is your favourite CoD? Mine's Bo2

  18. do more bo3

  19. I <3 gungame! Although sticks and stones was my favourite.

  20. wow i… umm oke one less sub to u sir

  21. You are good at black ops toycat 🙂

  22. Really wish I can get black ops 3 for ps4 🙁

  23. Do more of gun game please

  24. Helllooo this is ibxtoycat here

  25. 0.13 came out for PE

  26. more black opps 3

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