Black Ops 3 Funny Moments – HIDE AND SEEK CUSTOM GAME! (BO3)

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  1. Sooooooo sexy

  2. suda. please stop, you said steve irwin the alligator hunter. thats making fun of the 9/11 of Australia

  3. Y you no upload any more

  4. you guys are almost as funny as the misfits, but not quite

  5. Is it just me or did anyone else see “Hide & Geek” in the thumbnail

  6. rip headphone users in the first 30 seconds

  7. When he screamed in the intro, the video froze

  8. 2:43 lol i was laughing soooooooooooo hard

  9. Is it just me or does soibway sound like meowth from Pokémon?? 👌

  10. Oh where is ImSuda, oh where is ImSuda oh where oh where oh where oh where oh whereeeeeeeee is ImSuda? Great video keep up the amazing work

  11. "give me one dimadome" thats what exzds said on breach

  12. Suda: “Steve Irwin the alligator hunter.”

  13. 7:24 who did that voice?

  14. I have been subbed since I was -900

  15. Fetus deletus

  16. What is a fettis

  17. He said I see 1 dimadome

  18. Orchos voice is deep and sexy

  19. 9:20 😂😂😂

  20. can you gies do a lane game on call of doty 3

  21. I’m not a fetus

  22. 7:24

  23. I MEAN 3:24 to 3:29

  24. No Escape from me says Exzd as someone runs right behind him….. XDXDXD 6:25

  25. Feetus deletus

  26. lol fk z sound efect 😂😂

  27. 0:37


  29. what console do you use cause these graphics are amazing

  30. 9:21 LMAO

  31. Your awesome

  32. Suda can i add you in ps4

  33. Im probably the only person not wanting likes, EVERYONE DISLIKE MY COMMENT

  34. Plzzzzzzzzzzz post destiny 2 hide and seek that would be so amazing I would love you forever

  35. Remember adus mi kcuf

  36. Asia mi kcuf 😁

  37. My name really is Brian.

  38. i love suba he be making me laugh all the damn time

  39. i love suba he be making me laugh all the damn time

  40. Pin me

  41. Suda look like mr clean

  42. exzd said i just need one dimidome when you put 3 ???

  43. Bruh i feel like suda is the vanoss of bo3😶

  44. Anyone else thinks exzds sounded like the egg from Element Animation at 10:38

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